With Valentine’s Day best around thé corner, je thought ce would seul make sense à write an article about auto most popular french phrases about amour . French is one du the many beautiful languages in the world et is frequently referenced oui the most romantic language. Si you ont ever visited Paris et heard the français speak you would recognize why.

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Today ns excited venir share with you 10 most famous love french phrases. These français love phrases are guaranteed venir wow your far-reaching other!

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1. French: em t’aime English . Translation: i love you

Easily one of the many popular et common français love unit volume is em t’aime, which merely means je love you. This is together a popular formulation to use v your love ones. Usage this formulation to make your significant other tous warm and fuzzy inside. This is a popular way that auto French exprimer their love à la one another. If you want à make ce a signification littérale extra special you can to speak “Je t’aime pour toujours” i m sorry means i will love you forever. Prochain time amie want à say in french I love you, remember this little phrase.

2. French: je t’adore English Translation: i adore you

Probably the second most popular french love phrasé is je t’adore, which means i adore you. This is one phrase amie will certainly hear if you visit Paris. Ns often use this phrase when je talk through Aaron!

3. French: mon dérange English Translation: my Love

I can not have année article about français love paragraph without having actually at least one term of endearment conditions météorologiques the list. My third favori French love phrase is Mon dérange which means my love. This french phrase is frequently used by locals approximately Paris.

4. French: personnes es la femme de mes rêver English Translation: you are auto woman of my dreams or French: gars es l’homme du mes rêves English Translation: elle are the homme of mien dreams

The next french phrase is just too romantic not to include it in the list. This phrasé is provided over and over again passant par the French. Ns love sit at a cafe and overhearing the français speak these romantic phrases à each other. It melts mien heart.

5. French: mon amant English Translation: mien lover

Another common amour phrase is ma Amant. If in english elle probably wouldn’t refer venir someone oui your lover. In France, the français have no problem referring venir their far-reaching other oui their lover jaune their love.

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6. French: J’aimerais passe plus aux temps avec toi English Tranlsation: ns would amour to spend more time with you

If someone speak you, J’aimerais passe plus de temps avec toi in french you know this human being adores you and wants to spend more time with you! elle will regularly hear this formulation among coupler who recently started dating jaune people who have fallen in love!

7. French: em suis maîtresse English Translation: I am in Love!

As soon as a Parisian drops in love, lock want venir shout ce from auto rooftop and let thé world know. The français are haricot de soja passionate about love, and as soon ont they discovered someone they room in amour they will tell toutes les personnes their friends, “Je suis Amoureux” which method I un m in love. Ns can guarantee si you usage this phrase with your far-reaching other, they will be dazzled.

8. French: Embrasses moi English Translation: Kiss Me

If you are in parisien you could hear the french phrase, embrasses moi. This popular français romantic phrasé means kiss me. This no a forceful or demanding way venir say kiss me, cible a passionate way.

9. French: Est-ce que tu veux sortir auprès moi English Translation: Would you like to go out through me?

After you find someone you ont a crush nous you pouvez want venir ask them nous a date. One of the many popular français phrases for asking someone on a date is “Est-ce suite tue voudrais sortir auprès moi” This simply means would amie want to aller on a cétait une date with me? This is a perfect french love formulation to charm someone you just started dating.

10. French: Veux-tu m’épouser? English Translation: Will you Marry me?

If you are really going parce que le a vaste gesture this french phrase, definition will amie marry moi is perfect parce que le you! One de the many romantic fémur you can do is questioning someone to spend thé rest ns their sapin with you et what meilleur way than venir ask someone to marry you not seulement un in english cible French as well. This is de far one du my favori french love phrases!

In short the most common french love unit volume include: nom de fille t’aime (I amour you), em t’adore (I adore you), Mon amour (My love), mon amant (My lover), les gars me rends fou (You’re driving je crazy), em suis amoureux (I’m in love), Embrasses je (Kiss me), je ne peux étape vivre nai pas toi (I can’t habitent without you), and Veux-tu m’épouser (Will amie marry me)?

Additional popular french phrases

The many popular question regarding français language is merely how faire you say love in French? auto answer is simple, “l’amour” While amour is a popular word venir use, i highly recommend you use one du the français love phrases listed above. Another question I importer asked generally is quel is the french word parce que le beautiful? The french word à la beautiful is belle when talking about a female et beau as soon as talking around a male.

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You can be additionally wondering what are some popular français nicknames tu can use nous your boyfriend jaune girlfriend. Below are a few: Mon cœur – my amour Mon canne à pêche – my angel ma trésor – ma treasure Mon dérange – ma heart

Well there you ont it 10 français phrases to talk around Love and how tu feel. I would love to hear native you, have you used any du these français Love phrases avant or is this the first time hearing them?

Sincerely petite in Paris,


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