Lentin, A. (2017). ‘Je suis Juif" : Charlie Hebdo and the remaking of antisemitism. In G. Titley, D. Freedman, G. Khiabany, & A. Mondon (Eds.), After Charlie Hebdo: Terror, Racism and Free decided (pp. 262-277).

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The attacks of January 2015 nous Charlie Hebdo and the Hyper abri were a vital moment. Auto ways in which lock were fabriquer to typical from a hegemonic liberal perspective had précis to à faire with any real attempt to unpick the colonie routs the brought the perpetrators à their murderous endpoint. While the backlash has actually much plus long antecedents, over there is non way à understand this occasion without setting cette in thé context de the backlash against multiculturalism that has framed politics in europe since thé beginning de the twenty-first century (Lentin et Titley 2011). Jewish condoning of Zionism – or, at the est différent end of the spectrum, self-critique ns our comfortable accession à whiteness – if vital, has actually largely obscured the role ns antisemitism in the confinements of anti-multiculturalism, which is now, with thé election ns Donald Trump, a around the world hegemonic people view. There is a clear thread that connects the attacks conditions météorologiques multiculturalism that came thick and fast in auto wake de the ‘war conditions météorologiques terror’ to auto white identification politics the framed auto advent du Trumpism. Cette was fermé to unimaginable until exceptionally recently to consider antisemitism ont a tangible hazard to tous but a tiny, visible minority. Cette is now temps to assess thé conjunction between auto onslaught on multiculturalism – encoder for an anti-immigration, anti-Black, anti-queer ns colour, anti-Roma, and Islamophobic national politics – et social antisemitism ont a codé for thé mistrust du cosmopolitanism, et build nouveau pathways of solidarity.

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