Je ne sais pas si elle m aime

Today’s illustration was very drôle to create because je had venir search right into the french I usage everyday.

Vous lisez ce: Je ne sais pas si elle m aime

Not necessarly auto most elegant one.

But thé real français you’ll listen me and millions du others usage everyday.

French expression that don’t exist in dictionnaries and textbooks.French you will do it hear in the metro, in auto street, in cafes.

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The French expressions that will certainly make french eyebrows raise when elle use them.Trust me. ????

Today, I’ll give you auto inside track nous 5 of mien favourite colloquial français expressions.

Click venir watch « My 5 favourite French expression (in slang) »:

Et toi ?Have amie heard de these expressions? Which une is your favourite?Let me à savoir ONE French expressions that still remains a mystère to you.

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October 21, 2021 at 2:11 un m

Bonjour Geraldine. Ns understand toutes les personnes of auto c’est vs c’est rules, marqué on launt Ruquier – das Grosses haut – RTL.fr, ns lundi au vendredi de 15h30 jusquà 18h, gradué describes a person and the grosses Têtes questioning ”C’est Français?” or ”C’est français?”, i beg your pardon of course doesn’t monitor any of the rules!! hey then answers ”Oui, c’est F(f)rançais”. Please are you able to explain how this have the right to be said??!! merci beaucoup d’avance, Rachel