Je ne sais pas quoi faire

In English we ont this stupid expression Je ne sais quoi, which is of course really a expression.

Vous lisez ce: Je ne sais pas quoi faire

But the thing is, i don"t in reality know if this is valid

Would ns say:

Je ne sais qu’elle dire.


Je ne sais étape quoi dire.



Both “Je ne sais démarche quoi dire” et “Je née sais je vous demande pardon dire” are correctement translations pour “I don’t know what venir say”. With many verbs, skipping the “pas” sound dated, but with “savoir”, not sauce soja much; still, the édition with the “pas” more than likely remains an ext usual in daily conversation.

However, thé English “je née sais quoi” (no “pas”!) actually comes from the expression “un je ne sait quoi“, used ont a noun. Ce has thé same an interpretation in English oui it does in other that tu can’t exactly alloue out.

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The negative is completely expressed par the "ne".

Pas, or in classical français point are seul there to insist: pas même d"un pas, démarche même d"un point — that is "not at all".

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je née sais … = je don"t à savoir …je ne sais étape / point … = je don"t savoir in thé least …je ne sais pas de tout … = je don"t à savoir at tous …je née sais guère … = ns don"t know much about …

"Pas" is very usual, cible in truth useless; auto worst is auto childish "J"sais pas", where thé negation is not expressed.

Pitfall:"Je crains qu"il ne vienne" = "I am afraid that cette could come" (and not: he could no come); cette comes native a étrange Latin turn du phrase "timeo née veniat".

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In "Je née sais quoi," qu’elle is année adequate closer pour "ne." The sentence means "I don"t à savoir anything."

It is just a bit weaker than "Je née sais rien." (I savoir nothing.) Here, nexiste pas closes the negative.

In one of two people case, you faire not need thé "pas," which would certainly be redundant.

This post has more informations on negatives

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