I"ve spotted this conditions météorologiques the self-service terminal in a fast nourriture restaurant:


What is the précis connotation du this? walk that median a stunner excuse pour not being at work today?



As Alone-zee already commented, j"ai tennis is based nous a famed humorous bord excuse to tell you won"t it is in able to attendre à something.

Vous lisez ce: Je ne peux pas j ai piscine

The phrasé means you oui a to plan tennis allumettes or training.

The d’origine sentence to be Nan, j"peux pas, j"ai piscine (Nah, i can"t, I ont a swim lesson), a to run joke by Laurent Baffie muppet in Les Guignols de l"info in auto nineties (Nulle marche ailleurs - Canal+).

Nowadays, piscine have the right to be replaced by any activity, whether sports related jaune not.

In that certain case, auto fast-food restaurants human interface designer joke was perhaps inspired by a Fédération Française de Tennis heralding campaign.

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Alone-zee is probably exactement in that thé specific cultural reference, it"s a construct that could literally interpreted to:

I have tennis

Which have the right to be understood as either une going to jouer tennis jaune going to a tennis class but in any kind of case, it"s clean that thé subject is going to jouer tennis.

Here, the second dimension to this is the there is a form ns rejection using thé pretext of "having tennis".

Voir plus: L Hopital Qui Se Fout De La Charité, C'Est L'Hôpital Qui Se Fout De La Charité

Finally, in this particular context, it seems that thé device is experiencing issues and the software program is displaying this message as a multi-layered joke.

It"s acting as if auto device is rejecting you;Obviously, thé device does no "have tennis"
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