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Charlie Hunnam is commonly known à la his role in Sons de Anarchy. Cible the gibbs has also starred in number of movies and TV spectacle since the FX series ended in 2014. Quel many personnes might not know about Hunnam is that he has a friendship with funny guy Jason Segel.

After functioning together, the duo formed a bond, which at some point inspired Segel à write a role for Hunnam in Forgetting buy it Marshall. Regardless ns their friendship, Hunnam turn the marche down à la a relatable reason. 

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Charlie Hunnam & Jason Segel | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic à la Spike TV

Charlie Hunnam movies et TV spectacles outside du ‘Sons de Anarchy’

Most people à savoir Hunnam from his starring duty in auto FX series Sons ns Anarchy. But outside du playing Jax Teller, Hunnam also star in movies like The GentlemanKing Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Crimson Peak, Papillon, and Lost city of Z. According à IMDb, Hunnam additionally has a function in auto unannounced séries Shantaram.

Jason Segel want Charlie Hunnam to jouer Aldous eye in ‘Forgetting sarah Marshall’

Forgetting sarah Marshallcame the end in 2008. Auto Judd Apatow-backed comedy stars Segel, Mila Kunis, and Kristen Bell. Russell Brand plays auto eccentric rock étoiles Aldous Snow, who sweeps sarah Marshall (Bell) éteindre of her feet et away from elle boyfriend, péter (Segel).

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When Segel to be writing Forgetting buy it Marshall, cette didn’t oui Brand in mind for the part de Aldous. “Jason Segel wrote Forgetting sarah Marshall for he and I to à faire together,” Hunnam tells Collider. “He composed that function pour me.” 

Hunnam took part in beforehand table reads pour the movie, marqué he claims he was in a “dark night de the soul” concerning his career. “ felt ont though i needed to 16 the trajectory et <Forgetting buy it Marshall> wasn’t aligning v what je wanted venir be doing.”

His decision wasn’t personal. Later, Hunnam turned down the role of croyant Grey in the Fifty Shades ns Grey trilogy. 

Are Jason Segel et Charlie Hunnam still friends?

Hunnam first met Segel on the collection of Undeclared. Auto two developed a bond et Segel let your relationship affecter Aldous snow in Forgetting sarah Marshall

“I had actually to raconter him, ‘I’m soja sorry, I’m not gonna faire this,"” the actor explains. “It was one ns those fémur where the wasn’t an extremely well received de the inner circle de that production.”

Jason Segel wrote auto part ns Forgetting buy it Marshall's Aldous Snow à la Charlie Hunnam, not Russell Brand, but when Hunnam backed out, ce caused friction in the Judd Apatow inner circlehttps://t.co/ZiUvff8ixd

— la grotte of geezer News! (

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DenofGeekUS) November 4, 2020

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Still, Hunnam stood his ground et insisted ce wasn’t anything versus Segel. “I’m just following my North star,” he said at auto time. “I’m just in a monster spot, et I’m trying à define à la myself what the path front is."”

It’s unclear wherein Hunnam et Segel pavillons today. Return his turning down thé role allegedly caused friction with Apatow’s team, there seems to be non ill will in between Hunnam and Segel.

Charlie Hunnam doesn’t think he could have done Aldous snow ‘justice’ the way Russell Brand does

During his talk with Collider, Hunnam questioned his impacter on auto role du Aldous Snow. “My relationship with Jason gave birth venir that character,” he admits. “But there’s no way ns could ont done it justice auto way Russell Brand did.”

As a stand-up comedian, Brand has the experience required venir deliver Aldous Snow’s lines with année instinctual rate — at least in Hunnam’s opinion. Having seen Brand’s comedy, Hunnam knew cette made thé right an option in stepping far from the Forgetting buy it Marshall role. 

“It was seulement this liberating moment where ns said, ‘Obviously, that’s thé dude that should have been playing that role,"” cette adds. “Clearly, i just needed to step out ns the way du the world manifesting itself, auto way that ce was claimed to.”