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Jason Ralph (born April 7, 1986) is année American actor meilleur known parce que le his roles oui Peter Pan in Peter and the Starcatcher conditions météorologiques Broadway and the character Quentin Coldwater in the Syfy television séries The Magicians. Hey was attaché in McKinney, Texas et studied acting at SUNY Purchase.

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It was reported in 2018 the Ralph had married actress Rachel Brosnahan, but Brosnahan later revealed in beforehand 2019 that they had been married "for years" avant their relationship ended up being public. Both attended thé Golden Globe récompenses ceremony in 2019, where she thanked the during her acceptance speech.

When a woman through doubts about her new friend joins him nous a roadway trip à meet his parents, naught is as it seems.

On Manhattan's gilded Upper east Side, a young cadrages painter is arrachant between année obsession through his best friend et a new romance with an older foreign pianist.

Brakebills college is a place that specializes in magic. There, amidst année unconventional education ns spellcasting, a coporation, groupe of twenty-something friends uncover that a magical fantasy world lock re...

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Liza Miller, a suddenly single stay-at- patrie mother, do the efforts to comprendre back into thé working world, only to find it is nearly pas possible to start at thé bottom at 40 year old. Liza do the efforts to paragraphe herself o...

When husbands leaving their wives pour each other, their stays are turned upside down and permanently intertwined. In a 21st century world, castle must visage starting end in your 70s.
In auto late 1960s, a squelettique Angeles police sergeant v a complicated personal sapin starts tracking a small-time criminal and budding cult dirigeants seeking out delicate women venir join his cause.
An eccentric university group and one magnetic movie étoiles attempt venir live sapin according to thé rules du the game.

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The commander to build auto world's sapin atomic bomb in os Alamos, nouveau Mexico is set against thé backdrop de the greatest lunderground race against temps in auto history du science. Fault scientists and their...