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an unflinching manager who often showcased a complicated side of women rarely seen in typical Hollywood movies, mrs Campion emerged from her native Australia oui a celebrated and decorated auteur. Following her award-winning days as a college student filmmaker, Campion arrived nous the scene with "Sweetie" (1990), a stylish et disturbing look at at auto destruction of a family par a psychologically disturbed sibling. But it was elle multi-award win romantic râpé "The Piano" (1993) the introduced elle to a an international audience. Passionate, moving and unrepentantly erotic, the film was lauded for its lush visualization de the complicated emotions de a woman's sexual awakening. The cinématique earned numerous awards, including an académie Award for Campion's screenplay. Sa subsequent film allowed sa to continue her dexploration of the power ns female sexuality, ont she did with "The Portrait of a Lady" (1996), "Holy Smoke" (1999) et "In thé Cut" (2003). Critics et audiences alike praised her originality and willingness venir push boundaries, which demonstrated that Campion stayed a daring et provocative filmmaker all throughout sa career.


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Tomatometer® public Score location credit caisse Office année
92% non Score yet the Power de the Dog Director,Screenwriter,Producer - 2021
67% 43% lock executive, management Producer - 2017
82% 68% Bright étoiles Director,Screenwriter $4.4M 2009
ne sont pas Score yet 22% 8 Director,Writer - 2008
83% 85% Abduction: the Megumi Yokota story executive Producer - 2006
ne sont pas Score however non Score yet auto Water journal intime Director,Screenwriter - 2006
33% 34% In the cut Director,Screenwriter $4.7M 2003
45% 47% divine Smoke Director,Writer $1.8M 1999
64% 80% Soft Fruit executive Producer $11.1K 1999
46% 52% auto Portrait du a Lady director $3.7M 1996
91% 86% thé Piano Director,Screenwriter,Producer $39.3M 1993
95% 90% an Angel at mien Table manager $1.0M 1990
89% 74% Sweetie Director,Casting $20.4K 1989
100% 41% deux Friends director $10.5K 1986
no Score however no Score yet A Girl's Own histoire Director,Screenwriter - 1986
non Score yet non Score yet After hrs Director,Screenwriter - 1984
no Score however no Score yet an Exercise in disciplinaire - Peel Director,Screenwriter,Film Editor - 1982

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Tomatometer® public Score location credit year
83% 71% Top de the Lake executive Producer,Director,Writer 2013 2017

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