Jacques mayol, le grand bleu

Luc Besson was originally unsure ns who à cast in the henchmen role de Jacques Mayol. He initially offered thé role à Christopher Lambert and Mickey Rourke et even considered himself à la the duty until someone argued Jean-Marc Barr.

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Jacques Mayol’s lifelong passion à la diving was based nous his love parce que le the ocean, his an individual philosophy and his desire to explorer his own limits. Throughout his lifetime, cette helped introduce the, till then, elitist sport of free-diving into the main stream.

if the cinématique is influenced in thé lives of Jacques Mayol and Enzo Maiorca (who were lively at the time du the film"s release, unlike the characters presented in it) and many aspects ns the histoire are fictional, one du the real divers" fate was strangely predicted in thé movie.
In thé European déditions of auto movie, Jacques dives all the way to thé bottom ns the ocean and never returns - venir some viewers, it"s implied that he committed a suicide. In 2001, auto real Jacques Mayol committed suicide par hanging himself, in Italy, at age 74.

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The original ending was intentionally ambiguous, despite considering auto depth Jacques has actually swum to, cette would seem hey is i can not qualify to se remettre the région alive, et he dies. In thé US version the finishing is expanded with an additional scene. After swimming away with thé dolphin, Jacques is brought back to auto surface.





Majorca learned to swim at âge 4 et soon began venir dive, although expressing a an excellent fear de the sea. In 1956 a friend confirmed him année article about a new depth record du 41 meters set by spearfishing champion Ennio Falco et Alberto Novelli. Majorca was led de the article to begin competing in order venir achieve the title du "man that reaches auto deepest. Hey achieved this in 1960, when cette reached 45 meters à beat Brazilian Americo Santarelli. But that very same year, Santarelli reclaimed thé title by reaching 46 meters, i m sorry Majorca shortly surpassed at 49 meters.

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With its substantial underwater scenes and languid but (as v nearly tous of lucut Besson"s film the soundtrack was composed by Eric Serra), the film has been both praised ont beautiful et serene, et in same measure criticized ont being too drawn out, overly reflective and introspective.

The big Blue Le énormément BleuDirected byProduced byScreenplay byStory byLuc BessonStarring
Luc Besson
Patrice Ledoux
Jacques Mayol