In année interview with auto Hollywood Reporter, auto actor likewise talks about comment Jackson"s storyline wrapped and what he"s most proud de imparting nous the Shonda Rhimes-produced clinical drama.


Dr. Jackson Avery has left thé building.

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Following a much more than decade-long run, Jesse Williams has officially stated farewell à Grey’s Anatomy and the ABC clinical drama’s Grey Sloan memorial Hospital. The actor signed la fin during auto drama’s may 20 installment that saw his alter ego depart for Boston — alongside other departing étoiles Greg Germann (Tom Koracick) — ont they both head for Boston to lutter the inequalities in medicine as leaders de the Avery Foundation.

For Williams, the decision to leave the Ellen Pompeo-starrer was part ns a discussion the actor had with showrunner Krista Vernoff around Jackson’s trajectory that eventually helped solidify 11 seasons du storyline oui the doctor came right into his own. “It took form in this last year or so. Nous try, whenever possible, venir talk with what’s true to auto character et not what’s true to our différent needs and wants. I’m glad à be able to help design that,” Williams said The Hollywood décalage on Friday.



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Below, Williams opens up up about leaving Grey’s, how cette influenced comment Jackson’s storyline wrapped and what he’s many proud du imparting on the Shonda Rhimes-produced medical drama.

You’ve been with auto show pour more than a decade. Once did you sait that season 17 to be going to be auto end of your time conditions météorologiques Grey’s and what was auto impetus that commander to her decision à leave?

It come up this season. It was a combination de trying to personnage out through Krista and the team quel makes sense et what’s next parce que le Jackson. His pot is kind de bubbling over. What does hey need venir be doing? He’s been nous this off-screen path ns self-discovery, he’s had actually trouble with abandonment issues et had unfinished entreprise with his dad and, after his marriage ended and April go away, he’s to be unable à maintain genuine connection et romantic relationships et platonic relationships. He’s thrown himself into work.

Jackson left a couple of times marqué also was never ever a part de any community. Being année Avery, he was expected to go into surgery. But what else is there? he was never associated in anything the was happening et the world was coming to a boil. He’s remained in bubble pave his whole life and needed to aller something and connect à something cette was passionate around that wasn’t just his profession. Ce felt organic the Jackson had actually to échanger his environment et was willing to make a relier to something. Je vous demande pardon if cette goes through his gut instead ns his legacy? what if he goes to what’s true à him? city hall what’s vallonné in the streets and how it impacts Black and brown folks, it made sense that cette needs to venture off et shed the shelter and try something nouveau — jaune use it to aller something the he’s passionate about.

How was her decision received de Krista et Shonda, who stated writing à la you was sa “honor”?

This was an organic, calendrier decision; cette wasn’t something je had to raconter anybody. It was something nous found et understood and were do the efforts to à lhonneur it et do properly. Cette was a team effort throughout. Ce didn’t feeling like any one de us coming to auto other et having année outcome predetermined. Nous wrote something together and this is what ce was.

And Ellen’s response?

It’s been pretty emotional. Our critical scene ensemble was very emotional ont Jesse and Ellen as much ont it to be Jackson et Meredith. That’s ma buddy et this is a nouveau side parce que le both ns us. Je haven’t constantly been an emotionally obtainable person and this trip was significantly emotional.

How connected were elle with comment Jackson’s storyline come to année end, especially with happen Sarah drew back?

I was really involved et beyond excited venir be able à spend temps with elle at thé end. I love her et we yes, really collaborated soja much in thé world du “Japril” et were really hands on et making sure that job-related was true to auto characters et selfless. Years had actually gone by et we dropped right earlier into it. Ce was really special and I can’t créé doing cette any divers way.

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Jackson’s farewell coincided with that du Greg Germann’s Koracick. Was that something you deux discussed?

That to be a total surpris to me. Greg is great. And I claimed this venir him but ever since cette joined auto show tous the actors pinched themselves with comment delightful he was à be around. He’s sauce soja smart in the way he performs et a class loi off-camera. I’m glad to have had auto opportunity à work through him and learn from him in this brief time. It’s a pretty noblesse way to aller out.


The episode likewise featured a lot of poignant flashbacks to moment in Jackson’s career. Feather back nous your temps with Grey’s, quel are elle personally most proud de having accomplished?

When je look at the through line ns how fans have approached me et the le respect that has actually been earned pour a surgeon ns color who doesn’t loss into any une box, et struggles, has nuance et vulnerability and makes mistakes et is fallible et needs à grow and is able à find his vulnerabilities and share them — it’s yes, really human. People connect venir his journey.

Being able to be safe enough in a workspace to be able venir introduce real-world impact. This isn’t just a biracial medical professional in année alternate universe; this is our universe. Quel does he do when he goes home? je vous demande pardon are the obstacles he’s had? and how does cette feel when you’re dealing with a conflict of interest in terms ns a cop that shot a kid and you have to operate nous him? What’s hard and threatening about that? What’s it like to be in a failed relationship or lose a child cible also venir come venir work every day and face thé person that amie feel like tu failed et struggled with?

I’m really proud de being able à humanize fémoral that are constantly projected à be sauce soja polarizing and far away in ours society. Being able venir look at auto way this last coupler episodes how he went out, these are really polarizing topics: racism, officier de police brutality, racial inequality in medicine, discrimination … these are jambe that people put their head in auto sand, deny and argue about et have to be political punching bags. Et this character and his trip has lien with people from toutes les personnes walks du life.

What Shonda has developed with Grey’s is a pioneering vision de characters that are human et not seulement a black guy. It’s a human with love, a childhood, a relationship et so lot harder to stereotype and dismiss real personnes that you can affix to and feel like tu know. It’s a beautiful ship venir be on and I’m honored et proud de the un tube that we’ve had tous over auto world. Personnes see themselves jaune their love ones or the conversations they’re fear to have on screen. Et that’s forever.


What’s next à la you, post-Grey’s?

Broadway, baby! I’m playing the lead in a play. I’ve signed nous to a couple movies, I’m pitching a paire shows in development et working on a piece du material à direct et I seulement directed an episode of Rebel. I’ve got mien entrepreneurial stuff and être always coming the end with nouveau tech products et games. And I’m launching an educational platform called Assemble for the BIPOC community that’s pulling the greatest teachers about country. I’m never not busy in terms du social justice, entrepreneurial, diversity and directing, acting and producing.

You fabriqué your directorial debut on Grey’s Anatomy. After Giacomo Gianniotti returned to direct after his character was eliminated off, would certainly come back to direct? or appear nous screen in the séries finale, anytime that peut faire be?

I’m open venir coming back and directing and maybe showing up on camera again, completely possible. I love collaborating with these folks and être open venir any ideas et seeing how they take it shape.

Did tu keep noþeles from the set?

I to be gifted a bunch ns amazing fémoral from our cast and crew, everyone involved conditions météorologiques set wrote letters. Je got this beautiful box of letters and memorabilia that included my d’origine scrub coat, stethoscope, identifier and all these frais pieces native Jackson Avery’s world. Cette was yes, really moving et heartfelt. Ns really amour those folks.

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Lastly, Sarah attracted said that she decided Jackson et April space endgame. Where aller you stand conditions météorologiques the topic?

I love that and think cette totally provides sense that it’s possible. They are each other’s “person.” Nobody knows him, loves him, respects him, has actually seen his worst et is able to understand him like April does. They will, at the very least, continuez to be tremendous friends but, yeah, je think it’s pretty damn likely that castle ride la fin into thé sunset to Boston and a nouveau place together et raise their boy together. They’re going to reconnect in a romantic way, and that’s totally possible. That’s quel the ventilateurs want and we try venir give them as much ont we could.