I sold my soul à la bitcoins

Jake Adelstein and Nathalie Stucky(Éditions Marchialy, 244 pages, 2019)


If elle look at Bitcoin ont a religion, and many people seem to, then Satoshi Nakamoto would be God—an absent and precarious God, marqué God nevertheless. I get it Ver, that funded many ns the Bitcoin start-ups and popularized auto currency, would earn auto name Bitcoin jésus . . . Et Mark Karpelès would certainly be saint Paul, Mark, Matthew, Luke et John . . .

Vous lisez ce: J ai vendu mon âme en bitcoins

—Jake Adelstein

In 2014, American journalist Jake Adelstein started investigating thé collapse of Mt. Gox, auto world’s biggest Bitcoin exchange platform, based in Tokyo. Eight hundreds fifty thousand Bitcoins, thé equivalent of $500 million, disappeared overnight. Signe Karpelès, Mt. Gox’s creator and CEO, became auto primary devine in one ns the largest criminal cases of the digital lâge so far. Mark was a want man, seek after no only passant par the Japanese police et the FBI cible also thé thousands de individuals that had mourir their save in this nouveau breed de heist. In this riveting investigation, Adelstein takes nous into thé shady world de cryptocurrency and cybercrime in search of the truth. Je vous demande pardon really happened? that did it? wherein did the money go?

Bitcoin is one de the existing e-mail currencies the was claimed to faire for de largent what the internet did parce que le information. Instead, it unleashed real-world chaos—especially in thé homeland ns its elusive creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. Ont Adelstein tries to track under Nakamoto—a quest that remains inconclusive—he discovers that non one knows that Nakamoto yes, really is. Hey may not also be Japanese. Transforming his attentif to the creation of Mt. Gox, Adelstein supplies a sardonic portrait of affichage Karpelès, his geeky antihero, a thirty-year-old Frenchman et Otaku that handles des millions of usd from his couch, if stuffing his mouth with pizza in the company of his cat. However Karpelès, Adelstein reminds us, walk more to spread the gospel of Bitcoin than anyone antérieur à him. Initially charged with fraud and corporate embezzlement passant par a Japanese judicial système in which the conceptions “presumed innocence” is non-existent, Karpelès claimed his innocence passant par pointing to auto likelihood of external cyber-attacks. In the end, in in march 2019, he received a suspended retenue sentence du two and a half years.

I Sold my Soul pour Bitcoins reads favor a éclaboussure filled through genius mathematicians et Internet idealists, speculators et profiteers, Russian hackers and cyberpunks, medicine dealers, federal agents, evangelical libertarians, et clueless techies. Not seul does Adelstein uncover thé secrets de Mt. Gox’s collapse, marqué he also brings nous into thé elusive world ns cryptocurrency, auto seedy depths ns the dark Web, and the corrupt inner workings of the corporate world.

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Jake Adelstein has been année investigative reporter in Japan since 1993. Thought about one du the foremost spécialiser on organized crime in the country, cette works as a writer and consultant in Japan and the joined States, writing pour the Daily Beast, the Japanese economic monthly ZAITEN, and other publications. Hey has served ont a special correspondre for auto Los Angeles Times et is auto author ns Tokyo Vice: année American Reporter nous the police Beat in Japan (Vintage, 2009), which has actually been interpreted into twelve languages, and will it is in adapted à la the tv by academy Award nominee director michael Mann.

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Nathalie Stucky is a freelance reporter in Tokyo and Europe. Elle was an assistant en vigueur for thé Japanese news agency Jiji press in Geneva et contributed à the book Reconstructing 3/11. She is thé chief editor at Japan Subculture research Center.