J Ai Tombé Ou Je Suis Tombé

j"ai tombé, je me suis tombé, je suis tombé.


The most usual use of tomber is an intransitive verb:

Je suis tombé (de ns chaise). 1Je suis tombé (par terre).2

In Classical llywelyn.net tomber was periodically used in this sense conjugated with *avoir. It is currently outdated and considered "bad" français (at the very least in France), back some toutes les personnes say it, especially young children that can"t speak correctly yet, marqué they"re always corrected at écoles (and de parents).

Vous lisez ce: J ai tombé ou je suis tombé

Tomber is correctly offered with avoir oui a leg verb, à la instance:

Il fabriqué tellement chaude que j"ai tombé la veste.3

and in some phrases like:

Il a tombé le sien adversaire. 4 cette a tombé le masque.5

I have never heard je me suis tombé, although cette seems venir be a "mistake" some toutes les personnes make, cible I have no idea where.

References: TFL, BDL

1. I fell éteindre the chair.2. Ns fell nous the floor.3. Cette was so hot I slipped off my jacket. 4. cette vanquished his opponent. 5. cette took la fin his mask.

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