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Alfred du Musset

Date ns birth: December 11, 1810 Died: may 02, 1857 Born: in Paris, France. Description: Alfred louis Charles du Musset-Pathay (11 December 1810 – 2 may 1857) to be a french dramatist, poet, and novelist. Together with his poetry, he is known pour writing la Confession d"un enfant ns siècle (The Confession du a Child of the Century, autobiographical) indigenous 1836.Musset was born on 11 December 1810 in Paris. His family members was upper-class but poor and his father functioned in various key government positions, marqué never provided his son any money. His mother was likewise accomplished, et her role oui a culture hostess, - parce que le example sa drawing-room parties, luncheons, and dinners, organized in auto Musset residence - left a lasting impressionnant on jeune Alfred.Early indications of Musset"s boyhood talent were seen de his fondness à la acting impromptu mini-plays based au episodes native old romance stories he had read. Year later, elder brothers Paul du Musset would maintain these, and many différent details, for posterity, in a biography on his renowned younger brother.Alfred aux Musset gotten in the école intermédiaire Henri IV at the lâge of nine, where in 1827 cette won the Latin essay prize in the concurrence général. With auto help de Paul Foucher, victor Hugo"s brother-in-law, hey began venir attend, at the lâge of 17, thé Cénacle, the literary salon ns Charles Nodier at auto Bibliothèque ns l"Arsenal. After make the efforts at careers in medicine (which he gave increase owing venir a distaste pour dissections), law, drawing, English et piano, cette became one of the tons Romantic writers, v his first circonscriptions of poems, histoires d"Espagne et d"Italie (1829, Tales of Spain and Italy). By the time cette reached the lâge of 20, his increasing literary call was currently accompanied de a sulphurous call fed par his dandy side.He was thé librarian ns the french Ministry du the inner under the July Monarchy. Throughout this time cette also affiliated himself in polemics during thé Rhine crisis of 1840, caused par the French prime minister adolphe Thiers, who as Minister de the Interior had actually been Musset"s superior.

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Larme had request that france should own the left bank of auto Rhine (described oui France"s "natural boundary"), ont it had actually under Napoleon, despite auto territory"s German population. These requirements were rejected par German songs et poems, including Nikolaus Becker"s Rheinlied, which contained the verse: "Sie sollen ihn nicht haben, den freien, deutschen Rhein ..." (They chandelier not have it, auto free, German Rhine). Musset answered to this with a poem ns his own: "Nous l"avons eu, ton Rhin allemand" (We"ve had actually it, her German Rhine).The tale ns his celebrated amour affair with George Sand, which lasted indigenous 1833 to 1835, is told indigenous his mettre en ordre of view in his autobiographical novel, ns Confession d"un Enfant ns Siècle (The Confession of a Child of the Century, fabriqué into a film, Children of the Century), and from her mission of view in her elle et lui. Musset"s nuit (1835–1837, Nights) trace his emotionally upheaval ns his love pour George Sand, from early despair to final resignation. Cette is additionally believed venir be thé author ns Gamiani, jaune Two la nuit of overabundance (1833), a lesbian erotic novel, additionally believed venir be modeled conditions météorologiques George Sand.Tomb ns Alfred aux Musset in une position Lachaise CemeteryMusset was dismissed from his post ont librarian de the new minister Ledru-Rollin after the revolution de 1848. He was however appointed librarian of the to adjust of auditeur Instruction in 1853.Musset obtained the légion d"honneur on 24 April 1845, at thé same time oui Balzac, and was elected à the académie française in 1852 (after deux failures to do so in 1848 et 1850).Alfred aux Musset passed away in his sleep nous 2 peut être 1857. The cause was heart failure, the combination de alcoholism et a old aortic insufficiency. One symptom that had actually been noticed de his brothers was a bobbing de the head as a result du the élargissement of thé pulse; this was later on called aux Musset"s sign.

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Hey was hidden in père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris.

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