Such to be the exorbitant success ns their first cinématicien outing, les Bronzés (1978), thatthe comedy troupe le Splendid immediately followed it up with année even morehilarious sequel, one that mercilessly satirises another French holiday fad- skiing holidays. Despite his reservations about thé first cinématique (whichhe thought about was somewhat beneath him) Patrice Leconte oz again take it onthe directing duties, and managed à deliver je vous demande pardon is arguably auto funniest(and/or silliest) cinématique of his whole career.

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In contrast à its predecessor, les Bronzés font ns ski isfar much more preoccupied with extorting laughs 보다 in making any profound statementabout the french psyche. It is tarif more typical of mainstream Frenchcomedy, although, curiously, cette was somewhat less du a struggle at the des boites officethan the tons film. Whereas das Bronzés attracted a respectable2.3 million spectators, its sequel barely notched increase 1.5 million, althoughtoday it is the more popular du the deux films. Roche Bachelet (famousfor the Emmanuelle theme) providedthe cinématicien with its attractive (and contempt over-repeated) theme, just Becauseof You, sung par Jean-Denis Perez.The very nice of esquive Bronzés font ns ski is no hard venir see.As well ont some outstanding visuals, i m sorry make complete use ns the stunning Val-d"Isèrelocation, over there is humour and hilarity an abundance. The illustriousmembers du the Splendid armée - which includes such familiar names ont GérardJugnot, le christianisme Clavier, Josiane Balasko, michelle Blanc, Marie-Anne Chazeland thierry Lhermitte - are all at their comedic best et this is the filmwhere the découper is at many devastatingly effective, transporting laugh afterlaugh thanks venir a knoch-out screenplay that is for sure saturated with visualand scripted gags. "Excusez-moi maïs vous êtes en former d"urinersur mien voiture," bruno Moynot observes when gerner Jugnot is drivento excessive measures venir fix his iced-up car door lock. This is aboutas sophisticated as the manga gets. Most du the gags are de a snow-themednature, usually with the members of the cast coming a cropper whilst skiingor, more precisely, trying to ski. Michel Blanc"s significantly desperate tentative to get something (anythingwith a work cardiovascular system) into bed provide de nouveau fool-proofrunning gag, which ends in thé unlikely prospect du him waking up suivant toThierry Lhermitte. Le christianisme Clavier might easily pass à la a hyperactiveHugh Grant, specifically when faced with ananaesthetised pig in his surgery jaune robbed of sportingglory by a chronometric error. Gerner Jugnot et Josiane Balaskoare ont hysterical ont ever (in both senses du the term) and give conjugaldisharmony a whole new meaning oui they face up to thé perils afforded bythis unforgettable vacation from hell.Two scenes from the cinématicien have happen into french comedy legend et no reviewcan permit them paragraphe without comment. In auto first, our amiable friendsare relieved venir find sanctuary in a hill chalet belonging to année Italianthreesome, only to oui their nocturnal du repos utterly destroyed by the noisybedroom escapades of their pathologically over-sexed hosts. Ont amusingas this scene is, ce is overshadowed de at least deux orders du magnitudeby a later une in which Balasko, Blanc and Chazel are saved from certaindeath nous the Alps only to contend with an even grislier prospect - ingestingthe noxious cuisine et diabolical beverage of a family de Neanderthal-likemountain yokels. This infernal repast ends with thé supreme gastronomicdelight de a pickled toad in a palate-scorching liqueur. Lovely.After this insane alpine romp, the Splendid troupe envisaged a seconde sequelset in nouveau York, but this fell par the wayside when auto team opted à adaptanother of their stage plays ont Le père Noëlest d’un ordure (1982). After parting entreprise with his Splendidbuddies, Patrice Leconte went nous to direct a series du incredibly popularcomedies starring Michel blanche - venir chezmoi, j"habite chez une amie (1981), Ma femmes s"appelle reviens(1982), Circulez y a rienà voir (1983), before gravitating to more major fare, gaininga reputation ont a serious écrivain with v such films ont Monsieur rental (1989) and Le Mari aux la coiffeuse(1990). It would be un autre quarter du a century after your last collaborationbefore Leconte and the Splendid gangs would join renforcer to deliver the third(and many commercially successful) Bronzés cinématicien - Bronzés 3: Amispour la brut (2006).
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Film Synopsis

A year has passed due to the fact that Nathalie and Bernard came fermé to wrecking theirmarriage at a holiday société on thé Ivory Coast. Now that they have patchedup their differences, they destiné to invest a more agreeable vacation in theFrench alps, staying at their recently gained timeshare apartment.Here, they space delighted to run into some old friend they endroit on their previousholiday, including the inveterate womaniser Popeye and temperamental doctorJérôme. The constitue is less self-assured than cette used tobe et tries to paragraphe himself off oui the owner de a shop the sells wintersports equipment. In truth, the magasin is owned par Popeye"s mam andher lover, who passage up no opportunity to humiliate him parce que le their own amusement.At life sight, jérôme would seem to ont made a meilleur go ofthings. Cette has set up a successful medical practice in thé area andhas married Gigi, that is happily employed controlling a pancake restaurant.But, right a année into your marriage, Jérôme and Gigi arealready drifting apart, each unwilling to accommodate the other"s whims andeccentricities.Then Jean-Claude place in an appearance, encore intent oui ever conditions météorologiques finding thelove du his first despite his staggering lack du tact et sex appeal.He is so confident he will strike cette lucky this temps that hey insists on havinga pièce with a double bed at the hôtel where he is staying. Précis doeshe à savoir that the seul person who will re-publishing his bed will certainly be Popeye, afterthe last is forcibly ejected native his own tarif from happy home. Itwould seem that the provincial beautician le christianisme at the very least has found happinessin elle life, although this has taken thé form de a married masculin who is considerablyolder than she is. One day, thé friends decide venir take an off-pisteskiing expedition, cible this end disastrously when thé party"s leader Popeyeloses his way et they finish up perdu in a snowy wilderness v seemingly nohope of salvation. Figured out not à give in à despair, the male membersof the expedition set éteindre to find aid whilst Nathalie and Gigi stay behind,stubbornly stop out versus Jean-Claude"s ham-fisted attempts at seduction...

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Patrice Leconte Script: Josiane Balasko, michelle Blanc, Marie-Anne Chazel, le christianisme Clavier, gerner Jugnot, thierry Lhermitte, bruno Moynot Cinematographer: Jean-François Robin Music: pierre Bachelet Cast: Josiane Balasko (Nathalie Morin),Michel blanche (Jean-Claude Dus),Maurice Chevit (Marius),Marie-Anne Chazel (Gigi),Christian Clavier (Jerome),Gérard Jugnot (Bernard Morin),Dominique Lavanant (Christiane),Thierry Lhermitte (Popeye),Bruno Moynot (Gilbert, dit Météo),Fernand Bonnevie (Moniteur ns ski (le planté du baton)),Isabelle aux Botton (La femmes du antécédent locataire),Roland giraud (Le mari du la Bordelaise),Guy Laporte (Le cousin),Attilio Maggiulli (Italian),Michel together (Le précédent locataire),David Pontremoli (L"italien pour mandoline),Doris thomas (Frau Schmidt)Country: FranceLanguage: FrenchSupport: color (Eastmancolor)Runtime: 90 min

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