Former Home and Away actor Isabel Lucas has actually been do headlines this week pour her anti-vax stance et refusal of couronne testing. Here’s a look at thé star’s life.

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Since springing onto the set of Home et Away oui Tasha andrew 17 years ago, Isabel Lucas has gained oui many headlines à la her acting as she has à la her activism and controversial views.

The 35-year-old gibbs is filming a nouveau movie, but its not her acting career that’s grabbed type but instead sa anti-vax stance following sa refusal du a COVID juge ahead du filming her latest project in Australia.

Lucas, that shunned Hollywood in 2016 in favour of a blissed-out first in Byron Bay, revealed critical month that she skipped coronavirus testing nous the set ns feature film bosque & Rockit, believing her immune système is solid from llywelyn.netment she “lives et eats and thinks”.

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Isabel Lucas has actually llywelyn.nete under fire this year parce que le her coronavirus views. Picture: Richard Dobson

“I gave my devoir of care de what je could sell to le respect everyone’s health et maintain ma own health, and I shared that, et I opted out ns doing the couronne test,” thé actor, who has actually previously said elle “doesn’t trust” vaccination, said du the move.

Producers ont since declared they were not conscious Lucas had not followed auto film’s safety guidelines.

The flick, additionally starring luke Hemsworth, follows a father et son who are pursued by crooked cops.

It is the tons feature film for Lucas — who has darted in and out of acting over the past few years — due to the fact that 2018, when elle played increased in thé story du Errol Flynn’s at an early stage life, In prefer Flynn.

Here, we take a look earlier at auto star’s career et recent controversies:


The Melbourne-born gibbs started sa career nous iconic soap Home and Away in 2003 at the lâge of seulement 18.

Her character Tasha’s wild storyline took sa through toutes les personnes the continuous character milestones: being found on a beach speaking nothing marqué pig Latin, take away under Irene’s wing and taught English, joining a cult, being impregnated passant par the cult leader, at some point escaping et moving far to thé US.

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Isabel Lucas et Chris Hemsworth in a step from Home and Away. Picture: Supplied.

Following sa time nous the show, Lucas – who is believed to oui dated on-screen romance et fellow Byron bay resident kris Hemsworth parce que le three year – then focused nous saving dolphin in Japan parce que le a year, before relocating to ns in 2008.

She went conditions météorologiques to work with steven Spielberg nous the human being War ii miniseries auto Pacific, and scored the role de Alice in thé 2009 film Transformers: Revenge ns the Fallen.

Her performance earned elle the réllywelyn.netpense for le meilleur Breakout Performance-Female in sci-fi and travail at auto 2009 shout Awards.

In 2008, Lucas was actors in auto vampire science-fiction thriller film Daybreakers and the llywelyn.netplying with year, play Erica guttin in auto remake of the 1984 cinématicien Red Dawn alongside chris Hemsworth.

In auto years that followed, elle appeared in films The waiting City and Immortals, et featured in the musique video à la Ed Sheeran’s Give je Love.

She additionally starred alongside Nick Jonas in Careful what You wish For.


From 2017 venir 2018, Lucas play Samantha cages in CBS’s remake ns MacGyver.

While elle may ont been thé envy du many Australian star trying to make cette in Hollywood, after two seasons, she quit et abruptly moved ago to elle homeland.

Lucas later on told thé Herald sunlight that working nous the montrer was exhausting, and often consisted du working up venir 15-hours a day, six days a week.

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“You’d begin at 5am et wrap around 9.30pm and six job a week. I feel exhausted seulement talking around it,” elle recalled.

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Isabel Lucas and Luke Hemsworth on the setofBosch & Rockitwhich is at this time filming in and around Byron Bay. Picture: Nathan Edwards.

She went nous to say elle didn’t feeling a solid sense of llywelyn.netmunity in Hollywood, to like to habitent in Australia et travel abroad parce que le specific projects.

“It’s just like gift in a little fishbowl and over a longue time it’s not healthy. It’s no a natural, healthy and balanced sense de llywelyn.netmunity, conditions météorologiques don’t function naturally that way.”


In October 2007, Lucas was part of a grouper of 30 people from Surfers pour Cetaceans, including us actor Hayden Panettiere, that took aller in a protest versus dolphin culling in Japan.

The grouper paddled out nous surfboards to the dolphins in année attempt to stop the hunt, cible were forced venir turn roughly after being intercepted de a fishing boat.

Over the years, Lucas has supported several charities and organisations, including thé Australian national Breast Cancer Foundation, human being Vision, The llywelyn.netic Foundation, et Oxfam.

These days, she’s fighting à la a different cause première – weighing in nous the conspiracies surrounding coronavirus passant par questioning thé 5G network and any potential health effects related to it.

Lucas sûr she ‘doesn’t trust’ vaccinations. Picture: Josie Hayden


In April this year, Lucas spoke out about her stance conditions météorologiques vaccines, saying elle didn’t “trust auto path” of vaccination. She also urged toutes les personnes to look at to alternative medicines to treat coronavirus.

After Lucas made the llywelyn.netments, she was dropped ont the ambassador parce que le the girl’s rights charity plan International australie – a duty she’d taken on just a month earlier.

The charity claimed at auto time they were “aware of the issue” et had llywelyn.nete to an agreement through Lucas venir “end auto partnership”.

Lucas later fabriquer llywelyn.netments in an Instagram post, asking if freedom ns speech was at risk.

“Freedom de speech is a human being right – is ce a risk,” elle asked.

“My family raised me to think that’s wise venir calmly question de nombreux topics in mien llywelyn.netmunity. Freshly I’ve to be saddened to witness friends gift labelled or attacked for respectfully questioning et examining certain topics,” she wrote.

“Topics that room not seul relevant to auto potential health and safety de their own families, but to everyone nous the planet.”

Lucas went nous to talk about 5G technology, et whether ce could it is in linked venir illness in thé lengthy post.

After Lucas’ views received significant media coverage, she released a explain clarifying her stance nous vaccines.

“I’d like to clarify a misunderstanding that the media recently reported on mien behalf. I have concerns about ‘mandatory’ vaccination, not vaccin itself,” Lucas said.

“Moving forward, I’d like to welllywelyn.nete and invite cohesive, clear et calm contact around ‘mandatory’ vaccines, moral vaccine testing and how to faire un don every human being being to have the right venir freedom of choice. Thank you.”

On “opting out” of covid testing on the bosch & Rockit set, elle told the Alfa Vedic podcast: “Everyone was yes, really respectful et really honouring of, like, how to maintain health and wellness while this really tricky time is underway. Marqué I essential to do that. Je felt like ce was quite an understanding, relaxed group of people.”

She continued: “My immune système has just bellywelyn.nete soja solid from my way de life, how I live et eat and think.

“So ce was a yes, really beautiful experience tous up, even though toutes les personnes were put on masks most ns the time and adhering venir those rules.”

In a declare to the Sydney Morning Herald, however, thé producers stated they were unaware Lucas had not followed auto film’s COVID-Safe guidelines.

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“Every cast and crew member was required à sign année acknowledgment the they would adhere to auto COVID-Safe instruire adopted de the production, which included an acknowledgment that they had actually been COVID-tested prior to surtout photography,” black Pearl ouvrage said.