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Baroness léonie Cooreman, recognized under auto stage name zinc Cordy (born 16 célibataire 1928), is a Belgian film actress and singer.

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She has appeared in 50 film since 1954. Elle has staged countless memorable appearances at bruno Coquatrix" famous parisien Olympia. Her édition of "La Ballade du Davy Crockett" was alors 1 in the charts for five weeks in la france in respectable 1956. Elle was bondir in Laeken, Belgium, whereby in 2004, king Albert ii of Belgium bestowed upon elle the title of Baroness in recognition parce que le her life"s achievements. Biography:Her father"s name was Cornelius January Cooreman et her mother, Maria aux Leeuw. She has a brother, Louis, et a sister, Jeanne. At eight years, elle mother enrolled her in a danser class. She learn piano et music theory, while pursuing elle studies, et participates in charity galas. In between numbers danced, she du sang the hits of the moment. An extremely soon, everything follows: radio hooks, contests ... Immediately noticed de the imaginative director of le Lido who manages à convince elle to leave Brussels, sa hometown, annie Cordy arrives in Paris nous 1 peut faire 1950, hired as a command dancer. 1952-1960 : auto beginning:She record her firsts souper in 1952 ("Les n ° 3 Bandits aux Napoli","Quand c"est ns autos aux passer","La bourrée d"Auvergne montagnarde"), et made elle debut in the musique with "La cheminement fleurie", alongside georges Guétary et Bourvil. This lasted till 1955. Climate she made her cinématique debut in 1953 when she appeared oui herself in "Boum sur Paris", next to Jacques Pills, Armand Bernard., That same year, she had her first success in the song, through "Bonbons, caramels, esquimaux, chocolats" or "Léon". In 1954 elle starred in poisson d"avril oui Charlotte Dupuy, alongside sa friend Bourvil, Louis de Funès, Denise Grey and Maurice Biraud. The cinématique was a gros success with almost le 3 million entries., she also play madame Langlois in Sacha Guitry"s royalistes Affairs in Versailles, with michelle Auclair, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Jean-Louis Barrault, Bourvil, Gino Cervi, Claudette Colbert, Nicole Courcel, Daniel Gélin, jean Marais, Gisèle Pascal, Édith Piaf, gerard Philipe, Micheline Presle, Tino Rossi, Orson Welles and Nicole Maurey. The cinématicien was a vast success et was the #1 in france in 1954. Today, it"s still one ns the most successful french film, ce is at auto #88 carré of all time in term of entries at the des boites Office. In 1955 her song "Fleur ns Papillon" end up being a hit., she also étoiles in deux motion picture. First, Bonjour rire directed de Claude Sautet, v Henri Salvador, Louis aux Funès, Darry Cowl et Jean Carmet. Et then, an Italian comedy Beautiful marqué Dangerous in i beg your pardon she seul appeared. In 1956 she starred as Cri-Cri in ns Chanteur ns Mexico, directed passant par Richard Pottier, with Luis Mariano, Bourvil et Fernando Rey. The film was again a gros success, with almost 5,000,000 entries, and it to be #5 at the 1956"s boîte office and #247 of all time in France., At auto same time elle had a musical hit with the French version of The ballad of Davy Crockett, i beg your pardon stay num 1 for 5 weeks in la france in august 1956. In 1957 she phat Titine in auto 1957"s version of Victor and Victoria, directed de Karl Anton. That very same year, elle made sa second musical, "Tête ns linotte" with jeans Richard who lasted in 1960. In 1958 she fabriqué some other musique hit, like "Hello ns soleil brille" from thé movie thé Bridge conditions météorologiques the sortie Kwai jaune "Docteur miracle"., parce que le the cinema, she"s back in "Tabarin", wherein she jouer Mimi, under the la gestion of Richard Pottier parce que le the seconde time. She is thé leading role, et starred alongside michel Piccoli, Sylvia Lopez, Mischa Auer, Germaine Damar, jean Lefebvre and Isabelle Corey. In 1959 elle had several musical success, prefer her dépense of "Petite Fleur", "Salade aux fruits" jaune "Cigarettes, Whisky et P"tites Pépées" from thé movie with thé same name. She starred in this movie, with roche Mondy, Nadine du Rothschild, jeans Carmet, blue jeans Richard et Franco Interlenghi. In 1960 she phat in Robert Vernay"s "Tête folle". She"s next to blue jeans Richard. 1961-1970 : thé decade ns musicals:From 1961 venir 1964 she starred in her third musical, alongside louis Mariano, nammed "Visa convecteur l"amour". This musique features auto hit "Visa convectif l"amour". In 1964 she sing the hit souper "Six Roses". Native 1965 venir 1967, she had auto leading female part in "Ouah ! Ouah !", année other musique with Bourvil. This musique features auto hit "Le p"tit coup aux chance"., At the same time, she"s back in cinema, she phat Lily in ces dames s"en mêlent, directed de Raoul André, v Eddie Constantine and Nino Ferrer. Elle also fabriqué a cameo in "L"or du duc" directed par Jacques Baratier, v Claude Rich, danielle Darrieux, Elsa Martinelli, calcul Brasseur, jean Richard et Charles Trenet. In 1967, she jouer Maryse in "Ces messieurs aux la famille", directed passant par Raoul André, with Francis Blanche, michel Serrault, Darry Cowl, jean Poiret, jeans Yanne, michel Galabru and Eddie Constantine. In 1968 elle starred in "Pic et Pioche", a musique with elle friend Darry Cowl. In 1969 she play mme Marthe in "Le bourgeoes gentil mec". It"s thé third time that she"s directed par Raoul André, and the movie starred also blue jeans Lefebvre, Darry Cowl, Francis Blanche et Bella Darvi. Thé 1970 année was very successful for annie Cordy, she runs à la the fourth time with Raoul andrew in the movie "Ces messieurs du la gâchette", a sequel of "Ces messieurs aux la famille". She signed on parce que le her role as Maryse, and the movie starred Francis Blanche, jeans Poiret, michel Serrault, Darry Cowl, Micheline Dax et Patrice Laffont., elle also play for René Clément, the role ns Juliette in Rider conditions météorologiques the Rain, alongside marlene Jobert, Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland and Gabriele Tinti. Thé movie to know a super success, it was the #3 movie at the box-office in 1970, in France., That same year, elle also turn pour Claude Chabrol ont Mme. Pinelli in auto Breach. Elle starred together Stéphane Audran, Jean-Pierre Cassel, michel Bouquet and Jean Carmet., After toutes les personnes this success in cinema, elle also had actually a musical hit this année : "Le Chouchou de mon Coeur" 1971-1980 : Success on toutes les personnes edge:In 1971 she phat Nelly in Le catsp directed by Pierre Granier-Deferre. The cinématique starred also jean Gabin and Simone Signoret. The cinématique was great received with much more than une million entries. She also start, this same year a new musical, "Indien vaut meilleur que de toi tu l"auras", where elle starred with calcul Doris. In 1972 she starred in auto leading role du Hello, Dolly!"s français version. Elle also play in "Les galets d"Étretat" ont Brigitte. Thé movie is directed by Sergio Gobbi and starred Virna Lisi. Then, she phat Andrée in "Les portes du feu", alongside Emmanuelle Riva and Jacques Balutin. In 1973, she play Nina in Tre tout de suite una grande rapina, with michelle Constantin et Adolfo Celi. Elle also jouer in "La final bourrée jusquà Paris", where she finds à la the 5th time, auto director Raoul André et she starred alongside Francis Blanche, i get it Coggio, Micheline Dax, michelle Galabru, marian Game et Tony Kendall. She phat in "Elle court, elle court la banlieue" directed by Gérard Pirès and starring Marthe Keller, Jacques Higelin, Robert Castel, Ginette Leclerc, Claude Piéplu, Alice Sapritch, gagnant Lanoux, Daniel Prévost, Coluche, Diane Kurys et Miou-Miou. The cinématicien was a success with more than a million and a half entries. In 1974, she released les bonne ns curé. This song will come to be a classic et is one of elle greatest success v over une million simple sold in France et more than two million worldwide. At auto same time, she continuellement to make movie favor "Les gaspards", directed de Pierre Tchernia and starring michel Serrault, Philippe Noiret, michel Galabru, Charles Denner, gerner Depardieu, Chantal Goya, i get it Carel, Daniel Ivernel, jeans Carmet and Gérard Hernandez. Elle also phat Pupa in thé Italian movie Commissariato diabolique notturna, directed de Guido Leoni (it) et starring Rosanna Schiaffino, Gastone Moschin, George Ardisson, Emma Danieli, Giacomo Furia, Gisela Hahn, Leopoldo Trieste, Maurice Ronet, Luciano Salce, carlo Giuffré, Aldo Bufi Landi, blue jeans Lefebvre, Michele Gammino, i get it Coggio, Nerina Montagnani, Lorenzo Piani, Luciano Rossi, bruno Scipioni et Alfredo Varelli. In 1975, she starred in the leading role of Souvenir du Gibraltar, directed by Henri Xhonneux and starring also Eddie Constantine. Elle also play Isabelle"s mother in "Isabelle avant le désir", starring blue jeans Rochefort, Anicée Alvina et Mathieu Carrière. This very same year, elle also had several musical hit : "Ya kasiti", "Jane les tarzane" and one of elle most well known hit, "Frida Oum Papa". In 1976, she"s earlier in a musique named "Nini ns chance", in which she had the leading part et who to be a vast succes. Over there is année other musique hit native this musical : "Nini la Chance". She also had some rather hit, this same year with "La Bébête", "Dis pourquoi personnes me bats Léon" et "Ca donc mieux demain" who ended up being cult. She starred in High Street, a movie directed by andré Ernotte in which she had thé leading part and she jouer alongside morte Shuman et Elliot Tiber. In 1977, she phat the Baronne Jacinthe de la Tronchembiais, in the first and only movie directed de Guy Lux, Drôles aux zèbres. Auto movie also starred Sim, Alice Sapritch, Patrick Préjean, Raymond Bussières, Katia Tchenko, Léon Zitrone, Petula Clark, Coluche et Claude François. Auto director et writer michelle Audiard said about zinc that hey was sorry she sings bullshit songs, due to the fact that she fabriqué impressive duet with Bourvil, he think she"s a exorbitant blues singer and a an excellent actres and she deserved venir sing a way meilleur song. In 1978, she released année other musical hit who came to be a classic, "Qui qu"en veut". This same year, she fabriqué her first television movie. First, she phat in "Le pauvres indifférent" indigenous a blue jeans Cocteau"s play, certification alongside alain Delon. Then, she phat in a Molière"s thé Miser television adaptation. She jouer Frosine, alongside Henri Virlojeux et Paul Préboist. In 1980, she had several musical success, prefer "Senorita Raspa", "La coupe à Ratcha", "L"Artiste" et "Ma reconnaissance jolie chanson" cible her many successful title was "Tata Yoyo" that became an other of sa cult song. 1981-1990 : A shown star:In 1981, she play madame Hortense in auto TV Movie written par Didier Decoin, "Les fiançailles de feu", alongside pierre Malet and Paul les Person. She also phat the leading function in thé TV Movie "Madame Sans-Gêne", adaptation of Victorien Sardou"s play, in i m sorry she play with Raoul Billerey. This very same year she made her debut nous Stage with auto same play, "Madame Sans-Gêne". In 1982, she"s earlier with her last musical "Envoyez la musique", in which elle had thé leading part. This very same year nous Television, she commander her own la télé Series, "Madame S.O.S.", during a season. She phat alongside Jean-Pierre Darras and Jeanne Herviale.

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The series"s soundtrack, "Si j"étais ns soleil", was singing by Annie. Elle had also an other musique success with "Nini Pompon". In 1983, after six years of absence in cinema, elle is back with "Le braconnier du Dieu", directed by Jean-Pierre Darras, in i m sorry she play the leading female part. Thé movie additionally starred roche Mondy, blue jeans Lefebvre, michel Galabru, Daniel Ceccaldi, Catherine Allégret, rosy Varte, Odette Laure, Marthe Mercadier, paul Préboist and Roger Pierre. Annie had année other musique succes through the souper "Le rock jusquà Médor". In 1985, she had année other musical hit who came to be a cult fight : Cho Ka Ka O. In 1986, she appeared principaly in Theater, v three play in one year. First oui Madame ns Sévigné, in auto play ns the exact same name, in i beg your pardon she jouer the centre role. Then, she jouer in "La Mienne s"appelait Régine" at auto Théâtre ns l"Œuvre. Et finally, she phat in "Merci Apolline", an original play. In 1987, elle resumed thé classic jouer "Madame Sans-Gene", that she had currently played in 1981, on stage and on a tv Movie. In 1989, elle appeared in one episode ns the français TV Series, "Le joie d"en face", in which she jouer Irène Lecoin, in an episode directed de Teff Erhat. She also starred in the jouer "Mademoiselle Plume", in thé leading role. In 1990, she"s earlier in cinéma after seven years of du repos with thé movie "Un été de l"autre". She jouer alongside paul Crauchet, Jean-Paul Comart et Jean-Yves Berteloot. Sa performance was praised de the critics and she won thé Best actrice Award at the "Festivals de Digne". This same year, elle had auto leading role in thé TV séries "Orages d"été", in which she jouer during nine episodes, prochain to gérard Klein, Claire Nebout, Jacques Dufilho, pierre Vaneck et Patachou. She"s likewise present nous Stage with the jouer "Sacrée Gladys", in which she had thé leading role, prochain to Jacques Balutin. 1991-2000 : More actress than singer:Even si she continuez to offer concert et that musical synthétique are exit with elle passt album, she"s an ext present nous television as an actress. After two years du break, she"s earlier in 1993, when elle appeared in the TV séries "Inspecteur Médeuze", prochain to Francis Perrin, Christophe Bourseiller, Jacques Seiler et Mouss Diouf. 1994, was a super year pour Annie. First, elle starred in auto movie les Vengeance d"une blonde, directed de Jeannot Szwarc, and with croyant Clavier, Marie-Anne Chazel, Clémentine Célarié, thierry Lhermitte, Marc du Jonge, Philippe Khorsand, Angelo Infanti and Urbain Cancelier. Cette was a super succes with much more than two millions of entries at the des boites Office. Ce was thé fourth most successful French cinématique of thé year 1994 in France, behind année indian in thé city, Léon: auto Professional et La Cité du la peur. She jouer Bertoune, the centre character, in thé TV Movie "La fille du roi", starring also Raoul Billerey. This same year, she appeared in two play. First, "Six heures au plus tard" v Xavier Percy et then "La Célestine" with gerner Chambre. In both play, she had auto leading character. In 1995, she play in her life Short, "Vroum-vroum", written de Eduardo Manet, in which she starred suivant to michael Lonsdale, Claire Nebout and Jean-Paul Comart. She play in one episode of the TV séries "Baldi", suivant to her friend Charles Aznavour. Elle also had the leading duty in the TV Movie "Fanny se je faisais un du sang d"encre". She also sing à la the français soundtrack du Pocahontas, named "Ecoute accentue coeur". In 1996, she jouer in a short called "Moi j"aime Albert", alongside andré Pousse. Elle also play hélène in année episode of "Le refuge", starring maxis Leroux et directing by alain Schwartzstein. In 1997, she jouer in three tv Movie. First, "Le démon en sabots" indigenous a roman written passant par Claude Seignolle, in which elle play marié Fer, together Patrick Préjean. Then, she phat the leading role in "Une mère prendre plaisir on n"en fait plus", v Nathalie Boutefeu et Cécile Vassort. Finally, she phat Solange Serpette in "Sans cérémonie", directed passant par Michel Lang, written de Claude d"Anna, et also starring Charles Aznavour et Caroline Vasicek. In 1999, she jouer in auto Short "Un Noël de chien", written et directed by Nadine Monfils, et also starring Jean-Claude Dreyfus. In 2000, she appeared in a seconde episode du the TV séries "Baldi", in which already phat in 1995, still prochain to sa friend Charles Aznavour. She"s also back nous stage with a play written by William Shakespeare : "Les heureux Commères de Windsor". She act in this phat with Patrick Préjean. Elle has additionally participated in the séries of concert organized par Les Enfoirés, she had notably mutual the souper "Une beau histoire" with alain Souchon and Francis Cabrel. 2001-present : thé legend continue...:In 2001, she starred in thé TV Movie "La tortue", v Pascale Arbillot. In 2002, elle starred in two la télé Movie. First, "Les rebelles du Moissac", with Françoise Bertin et Maurice Chevit. Then, "Passage de bac", v Charles Aznavour, Alexis Tomassian, bernard Blancan and Urbain Cancelier. In 2003, zinc play Lucette, the quartier général character in année episode de "Fabien Cosma", with Louis-Karim Nébati et Gérard Hernandez. In 2004, she phat in auto Short "Zartmo". She"s also back in auto motion picture "Madame Édouard", after ten years without showed up in any movie in cinema. The cinématicien also starred michelle Blanc, Didier Bourdon, Dominique Lavanant, Josiane Balasko, Rufus, Andréa Ferréol et Bouli Lanners. Conditions météorologiques "Les Femmes ns Cristal", she received the Woman Crystal prix in auto categorie "Cinema et Theatre". In 2005, elle appeared in an episode du "Le tuteur", through Tony D"Amario. In 2006, annie play Rose, the leading female character in the movie "Le récent des fous". Auto movie is based conditions météorologiques the roman "The Last du The stunner People" written par Timothy Findley. Elle is on the movie with Dominique Reymond. She also starred in "C"est aimable une communauté la nuit", directed par Richard Bohringer, v Romane Bohringer, Robinson Stévenin, lucut Thuillier, Jacques Spiesser, Farid Chopel, Daniel Duval, annie Girardot, Sonia Rolland, christian Morin and Paul Personne. She"s likewise back on Stage through "Lily & Lily", a jouer in which she had auto leading part, and she give auto line to croyant Morin et Firmine Richard. Elle is also thé narrator à la the documentary, "Moi, Belgique" nous RTBF, in which she tell thé history of her country, the Belgium. In 2008, elle play madame Graindorge in Disco, a Fabien Onteniente"s movie certification Emmanuelle Béart, gerard Depardieu, Samuel ns Bihan, isabelle Nanty, Chloé Lambert, Marie-Christine Adam, Pauline Delpech, Xavier Beauvois et Danièle Lebrun. The cinématicien was a gros succes with much more than two des millions of entries in France. Cette was the third most successful français movie in la france in 2006, seulement behind Welcome to thé Sticks et Asterix at thé Olympic Games. This very same year, she phat in Le crime est nos affaire, directed passant par Pascal Thomas et based nous the roman 4.50 indigenous Paddington, written by Agatha Christie. Thé movie likewise starred Catherine Frot, andré Dussollier, Claude Rich, Chiara Mastroianni, Melvil Poupaud, chrétien Vadim, Hippolyte Girardot and Yves Afonso. This was likewise a success with more than a million de entries in France. Still in 2008, auto channel RTBF arranged a one-of-a-kind night for Annie, nammed "Quelque chapitre en l’on d"Annie Cordy", in which some artist salary a tribute to her. In 2009, she phat in Wild Grass, a movie command by alain Resnais et starring sabine Azéma, andré Dussollier, anne Consigny, Emmanuelle Devos, math Amalric, michelle Vuillermoz, Edouard Baer, sara Forestier, Nicolas Duvauchelle, paul Crauchet et Jean-Michel Ribes. This same year, she start a nouveau play, "Laissez-moi sortir", in i beg your pardon she"s alone nous the stage and she phat a huge étoiles who is locked on her balcony and so elle talk about elle entire career. After thé huge success ns the play "Laissez-moi sortir", annie start a tour in auto entire la france in 2010. In 2011, she phat in auto low-budget movie "Crimes en sourdine" with annick Alane, Ginette Garcin et Patrick Préjean. In 2012, she had the leading function in thé TV Movie "Je retourne à la maison ma mère", starring additionally Rufus and Katia Tchenko. Elle also appeared in année episode du Scènes de ménage. Finally, at the end du the year, elle released a new album called "Ça moi plaît... Pourvu que cette vous plaise". In 2013, she jouer in an episode de the TV séries "Y"a étape d"âge", broadcast on la france 2, alongside jérôme Commandeur, Marthe Villalonga, Claude Brasseur, Carmen Maura et Arielle Dombasle. In 2014, she phat in Le dernier Diamant, alongside Yvan Attal, Bérénice Bejo, Jean-François Stévenin et Jacques Spiesser. She also appeared in année episode ns "H-Man", a TV series broadcast nous Arte, alongside Arthur H. In 2015, she will be on the new france 2"s TV séries "Chef", v a recurrent character, prochain to hugo Becker, anne Charrier, Clovis Cornillac, Juliette, Nicolas Gob, Robin Renucci et Zinedine Soualem. Elle also had thé leading role ns the upcoming movie esquive souvenirs, directed de Jean-Paul Rouve, et starring Chantal Lauby et Michel Blanc. Filmography:Cinema:YearTitleRoleDirectorNotes 1953 Boum pour Paris herself Maurice de Canonge 1954 poisson d"avril Charlotte Dupuy gel Grangier royal Affairs in Versailles mme Langlois Sacha Guitry 1955 Bonjour sourire Herself Claude Sautet Beautiful but Dangerous uncredited Robert Z. Leonard 1956 les Chanteur aux Mexico Cri-Cri Richard Pottier 1957 Viktor et Viktoria Titine Karl anton 1958 Tabarin Mimi Richard Pottier (2) 1959 Cigarettes, whisky und p"tites pépées magicien Maurice Régamey 1960 tête folle annie Robert Vernay 1965 celles dames s"en mêlent Lily Raoul andrew L"or du duc the caretaker Jacques Baratier 1967 celles messieurs de la clank Maryse Raoul andré (2) 1969 les bourgeois gentil chauhan Mme Marthe Raoul andrew (3) 1970 Rider nous the Rain Juliette rênes Clément auto Breach Mme. Pinelli Claude Chabrol celles messieurs ns la activé Maryse Raoul andrew (4) 1971 Le couteau Nelly calcul Granier-Deferre 1972 esquive galets d"Étretat brigitte Sergio Gobbi esquive portes de feu Andrée Claude Bernard-Aubert 1973 le mataf Nina serge Leroy elle court, elle bas la sur site The real estate agent gerard Pirès La dernier bourrée jusqu’à Paris auto psychanalist Raoul andré (5) 1974 thé Holes Ginette Lalatte calcul Tchernia Commissariato di notturna Pupa Guido Leoni (it) 1975 Souvenir ns Gibraltar Tina Henri Xhonneux Isabelle avant le baquet Isabelle"s mère Jean-Pierre Berckmans 1976 High rue Mimi andrew Ernotte 1977 Drôles du zèbres Baronne Jacinthe du la Tronchembiais mec Lux 1983 le braconnier ns Dieu Jofrette Jean-Pierre darras 1990 un été de l"autre Mother fine Anne-Marie Étienne Festivals du Digne - Best actrice 1994 les Vengeance d"une blonde Jany Jeannot Szwarc 1995 Vroum-vroum précurseur Sojcher quick 1996 moi j"aime Albert frédéric Chaudier brief 1999 un Noël de chien Nadine Monfils short 2004 Zartmo the woman marque Dalmans short grand-mère Édouard Gigi / Ginette Nadine Monfils (2) 2006 Le récent des fous Rose gradué Achard C"est aimable une municipal la gay The old de the HLM Richard Bohringer 2008 découverte Mme Graindorge Fabien Onteniente Le la criminalité est notre affaire Babette Boutiti Pascal thomas 2009 Wild herbe The neighbour du Marguerite alain Resnais 2011 la criminalité en sourdine grand-mère Garcia Joël Chalude, Stéphane Onfroy 2014 Le récent Diamant Inès aux Boissière Eric Barbier 2015 das souvenirs madeleine Jean-Paul Rouve Television:YearTitleRoleDirectorNotes 1978 Le bel indifférent marian Sarraut la télé Movie thé Miser Frosine blue jeans Pignol tv Movie 1981 les fiançailles ns feu mme Hortense Pierre bureaux TV Movie madame Sans-Gêne mme Sans-Gêne Abder Isker tv Movie 1982 grand-mère S.O.S. Grand-mère S.O.S.

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André Dhénaut TV séries (6 Episodes) 1989 Le joie d"en face à face Irène Lecoin Teff Erhat TV series (1 Episode) 1990 Orages d"été Céline jean Sagols TV series (9 Episodes) 1993 linspecteur Médeuze Lucie Philippe Triboit TV séries (1 Episode) 1994 la fille ns roi Bertoune Philippe Triboit (2) tv Movie 1995 chatte se faisaient un sang d"encre chatte Faber alin de Halleux la télé Movie Baldi Colette michelle Lang TV séries (1 episode : "Baldipata") 1996 les refuge Hélène alin Schwartzstein TV series (1 episode : "La danse aux cobra") 1997 Le démon en sabots Marie le fer Nicole Berckmans la télé Movie une mère profitez-en on n"en fait plus Simone Lapierre Jacques Renard tv Movie Sans la cérémonie Solange Serpette michel Lang (2) la télé Movie 2000 Baldi Colette michel Lang (3) TV series (1 illustration : Baldi rang Tini) 2001 la tortue annane Gautier Dominique Baron la télé Movie 2002 les rebelles ns Moissac Charlotte Jean-Jacques Kahn la télé Movie Passage de bac Émilie Olivier Langlois tv Movie 2003 Fabien Cosma Lucette Jean-Pierre Vergne TV series (1 episode : jm trop tard) 2005 le tuteur Antoinette Loiseau calcul Grimblat TV séries (1 illustration : d’un nouvelle vie) 2012 em retourne chez ma cherki Alice Williams Crépin la télé Movie Scènes aux ménage Maion"s granny Karim Adda, Francis Duquet TV séries (1 illustration : "Ce soir elle reçoivent !") 2013 Y"a pas d"âge yvonne P. Eric Barbier TV séries (1 episode : "Pour revoir son ex-femme") 2014 H-Man Girl Telekinesis Joseph Cahill TV series (1 illustration : "La formidables Retraite") diriger Léonie Arnaud Malherbe la télé Series nous Stage:YearTitleWriterDirectorNotes 1958 mme Sans-Gêne Victorien Sardou et Émile Moreau v Jean-Marc Thibault 1986 Madame ns Sévigné la Mienne s"appelait Régine calcul Rey Armand Delcampe Théâtre aux l"Œuvre merci Apolline Geneviève vigne Michel Wyn with homme Tréjan 1987 madame Sans-Gêne Victorien Sardou and Émile Moreau 1989 disparu Plume Jean-Luc Moreau v Charlotte Kady 1990 saint Gladys with Jacques Balutin 1994 six heures au plus tard marc Perrier martine Willequet v Xavier Percy la Célestine with Gérard valet 2000 esquive Joyeuses Commères ns Windsor william Shakespeare through Patrick Préjean 2006 Lily & Lily pierre Barillet and Jean-Pierre Grédy gérard Moulevrier with Jacques Ciron, chrétien Morin and Firmine Richard 2009-2010 Laissez-moi vague Jean-Marie Chevret Jean-Pierre Dravel et Olivier Macé v Mimi Lebon, spectaculaire Daunou Appearance on television:YearTitleChannelNotes 1953 la chanson 20H RTF she Draw thé 16th définitif of auto Coupe de France 1958 36 chandelles RTF guest with Jean-Marc Thibault à la Madame Sans-Gêne 1960 journaux télévisé RTF Interviewed through Sacha Distel 1961 jt 13H RTF with Yvette Horner et Andrex 1966 théâtre Sébastopol phia boc actualités la télé Interviewed v Bourvil 1967 télé Dimanche TF1 Hosted passant par Roger Lanzac, elle sing "Pic et pioche" with Darry Cowl et "Des millions de soleils" jt 20H TF1 Interviewed v Darry Cowl 1968 ns Palmarès des la chanson TF1 Hosted passant par Guy Lux and Anne-Marie Peysson, elle sing petit Fleur, "Nous les nanas", "Six Roses", "Ne moi dis plus tu", "Hello, le soleil brille", "Docteur Miracle" et Oh Suzanna with Albert Raisner, Anne-Marie Peysson, franc Alamo, Maurice Biraud, Achille Zavatta et Guy Lux 1971 annie sur ns 2 la france 2 elle sing esquive play les gars with Jacques Dutronc 1974 Domino RTF she sing "Pedro" 1975 numéro un TF1 Hosted de Maritie et Gilbert Carpentier, she sing "Ya Kasiti" et "Buvons à la santé" through Sacha Distel and Petula Clark and she made a humoristic map out with Sacha Distel 1976 Midi premièrement TF1 Hosted passant par Danièle Gilbert, she sing "Dis, pourquoi les gars me bats Léon ?", "Caramela" and "Ca ira mieux demain" numéro un TF1 Hosted par Maritie et Gilbert Carpentier, elle sing "La noce à Nogent", "Nini la chance", "Ca ira mieux demain", "Alleluia" v Arthur Plasschaert and "Dis, pourquoi gars me bats Léon ?" et she fabriquer a humoristic map out with veille Lecoq 1977 Midi dabord TF1 Hosted par Danièle Gilbert, she sing "Moi j"aime une galonné", "Ca ira mieux demain", "Caramela" et "L"hurluberlu" et was interviewed v Jean-Claude Borelly, marcel Carné, nom de garçon Schultz et Jean Gaven esquive Rendez-vous du dimanche la france 2 Hosted passant par Michel Drucker, she sing "Boing Boing" 1978 numéro un TF1 Hosted par Maritie and Gilbert Carpentier, elle sing "La Mouette", "Grand papa musicien", "Prends les temps", "Shine nous your shoes", "Boing Boing", "Joe la terreur", "Pour garder la santé", "Charlot" with blue jeans Vallée and "La madame" with Enrico Macias et Robert Castel 1979 journaux télévisé TF1 Hosted de Sylvie hay numéro un TF1 Hosted de Maritie et Gilbert Carpentier, elle sing "Voilà, m"sieurs dames", "Notre dernier automne", seulement a Gigolo (first, alone and then in duet v Francis Perrin), "The queen of the disco", "De toutes esquive couleurs", "Quand nom de fille suis gaie", "La madame" and "Safari photo" Midi premièrement TF1 Hosted passant par Danièle gilbert 1980 30 des millions de personnes d"amis TF1 numéro un TF1 Hosted passant par Maritie and Gilbert Carpentier, she sing "Initiation" v Karen Cheryl 1982 Champs-Élysées france 2 Hosted de Michel Drucker, elle sing "L"abominable femmes des neiges" et a medley of her several success 1983 Champs-Élysées la france 2 Hosted passant par Michel Drucker, she sing "Nini Pompon", "La cru en France" with michel Drucker and "Rock jusquà médor" 1987 Collaricocoshow La cinq Hosted passant par Stéphane Collaro et Catherine Corbineau, she sings a sober édition of "Tata Yoyo" Le divan d"Henry Chapier Hosted passant par Henry Chapier 1998 soirée 3 france 3 Hosted passant par Marc Autheman 2002 13 heures france 2 Hosted by Daniel Bilalian 2004 Vivement Dimanche la france 2 Hosted par Michel Drucker 2005 das Femmes ns Cristal 2004 RTBF zinc received thé Woman Crystal prix in thé categorie "Cinema and Theatre" et she was also in thé Top le 3 in auto categorie "Song" esquive enfants de la la télé TF1 Hosted passant par Arthur C"est à programme france 2 Hosted de Sophie avant DV D"aujourd"hui la france 2 Ca reste entré nous allumettes TV Hosted by Jean-Marc Morandini Envoyé spécial France 2 Directed de Patrick Spica Goutez-moi les France le3 Nord-Pas-de-Calais Hosted par Pierrot En direct Direct 8 Hosted par Sixtine Pechery Des racines rang des ailes france 3 Hosted by Patrick du Carolis 2006 chatliste soir avec Charles Trenet la france 2 Hosted by Michel Drucker ma télé bien aimée RTBF Moi, belgique RTBF documentaire esquive grands aux rire france 3 Hosted de Yves Lecoq C"est ns belge RTBF journal Télévisé RTBF held by annane Delvaux Fata Morgana La ns Hosted passant par Steph Goossens et Geena Lisa C"est super pour les moral ! la france 3 Hosted by Yves Lecoq En aparté canaliser + Hosted passant par Pascale Clark Lido, lescoulisses secrètes la france 5 documentary 2007 das coups ns coeur d"Alain Morisod Télévision suisse Romande conditions météorologiques a entier essayé! france 2 Hosted de Laurent Ruquier Un mondes presque parfait la france 2 Hosted passant par Olivier Minne journaux télévisé RTL-TVI Hosted by Michel ns Maegd Cinquante degré nord Arte Hosted de Eric Russon 2008 Quelque chapitre en conditions météorologiques d"Annie Cordy RTBF esquive enfants ns la la télé TF1 Hosted par Arthur Tenue aux soirée en direct aux Bruxelles france 2 Hosted par Michel Drucker bourgade Départ la france 3 Hosted passant par Laurent Luyat Les âge bonheur la france 2 Hosted by Patrick Sébastien services Maximum la france 2 Hosted by Julien Courbet 20 heures la france 2 Hosted de Laurent Delahousse 2009 Vivement Dimanche france 2 Hosted passant par Michel Drucker La folie des années 70 france 3 documentaire Questions pour un champion : Le combat des idoles la france 3 Hosted passant par Julien Lepers 2010 On fait Le Plein le Mans télévision Hosted passant par Vincent Cerutti C"est à programme la france 2 Hosted de Sophie antérieur à Chabada : Carpentiers france 3 Hosted de Daniela Lumbroso C à vous france 5 Hosted passant par Alessandra Sublet alger vos amis sont tous France le 3 Hosted par Stéphane Bern on ne avoir besoin qu"à en rire france 2 Hosted passant par Laurent Ruquier 12/13 la france 3 journaux télévisé TF1 Hosted by Jean-Pierre Pernaut ailé privée, brut publique la france 3 Hosted par Mireille Dumas Vivement Dimanche la france 2 Hosted by Michel Drucker la Traversée de miroir la france 5 Hosted de Patrick Poivre d"Arvor Chabada : bail Gerra france 3 Hosted by Daniela Lumbroso esquive animateurs font de toi show france 3 13 heures france 2 Hosted par Sophie Le terne la Télé orient à vous france 2 Hosted de Stéphane Bern 2011 Magritte award BeTV Hosted par Helena Noguerra JT ns 13 temps TF1 Hosted de Jean-Pierre Pernaut bourgade Départ la france 3 Hosted de Laurent Luyat 2012 ns fête ns la chanson française la france 3 Hosted passant par Daniela Lumbroso Morandini ! habitent 8 Hosted de Jean-Marc Morandini toute une biographie France 2 Hosted passant par Sophie davant 100% Mag M6 Hosted by Faustine Bollaert Planet musique Mag france 2 Le concède grand cabaret de monde la france 2 Hosted de Patrick Sébastien Dalida, 25 années déjà france 2 Hosted par Daniela Lumbroso Les année bonheur france 2 Hosted de Patrick Sébastien esquive grands de rire la france 3 Hosted de Yves Lecoq Vivement Dimanche la france 2 Hosted passant par Michel Drucker ces chansons qui nous ressemblent la france 3 2013 alger ensemble TF1 Hosted de Marc-Emmanuel 2014 aux Funes : 100 ans de rire D8 documentary Les chanson d"abord la france 3 Hosted passant par Natasha St-Pier, elle sing "Envoyez les musique", Cho Ka Ka O, "Frida Oum Papa", "Tata Yoyo" and La bonne ns curé de Groodt, ns fois canal + la télé Show à la Stéphane aux Groodt Touche étape à mien poste refait l"année D8 Hosted par Cyril Hanouna, elle surprise deux of her fan et sing through them Cho Ka Ka à Appearance nous radio:YearTitleRadioNotes 2005 11h30-12h00 la france Info interview with Bernard stefane vous écoutez la télé la france Inter Host par Marc-Olivier Fogiel the Talk-show rire & chansons Host de Cyril Hanouna Plein cadre France Bleue Nationale Host par Christian Ledan esquive Grosses têtes RTL Host par Philippe Bouvard les tête dans das étoiles RTL Host par Isabelle Quin Rencontres radio Shalom Dijon Host par Marie-Laure Chardon Confidences pour la la fréquence Radio pluriel Host par David Michel and Laurent Rochefort les vacances ns Star france Bleue Drôme base de données dart Ecoute ns radio RMC Host by Patrick Sabatier 2006 A vous aux voir VivaCité Hosted passant par François ns Brigode Bonjour quand en outre Premiere Hosted by Eric Musson Matinales de Cauet amusant Radio Hosted par Sébastien Cauet et Valérie Bénaïm 2007 je connais ensemble la france Bleue Nationale Hosted passant par Patrick Sabatier On née pouvait étape le rater RTL Hosted de Christophe Hondelatte Dicodeurs la Première 2008 18h00-19h00 RTL Hosted de Patrick Sébastien 2010 18h00-19h00 RTL Hosted by Patrick Sébastien entier le satisfait est pour nous RTL Hosted passant par Flavie Flament tout et son contraire France details Hosted by Philippe Vandel le fou aux roi france Inter Hosted de Stéphane Bern nous va s"gener europe 1 Hosted by Laurent Ruquier esquive Grandes Gueules RMC held by alain Marschall and Olivier Truchot Le vaste Direct des Médias leurope  1 Hosted de Jean-Marc Morandini 2012 C"est du famille leurope  1 Hosted par Ariane Massenet
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