Institut des métiers du notariat paris

spoken Language(s) : English Diploma(s) : DEA de carrément privé général, du de gestion ns patrimoine et Diplôme aux Notaire, Formation à la médiation et venir processus de carrément collaboratif

Notary because 2009, Alexandra has focused elle practice conditions météorologiques Family law et has developed a very strong expertise in divorcé matters. She has beenhandling forensic examinations in this domain à la ten years, being anexpert to the Paris meugler of justice.

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In a domain whereby the num of contentious cases grows dramatically, putting the overall legal system under pressure, Alexandra has actually been trained inmediationand in collaborative regulation processes in order to offer her clients a space of actif listening, exchanges facilitating theresolution oftheir situations de conflict et to uncover patrimonial solution tailored to their details cases.

Her team is made of partners trained in the listening et in auto amicable settlements ns the conflicts. Elle contributes on a regular basis to the training du lawyers (HEDAC et House du the Bar de Paris) and judges (ENM) nous family legislation matters through a specific se concentrer on divorce processes.

gourou Jonas BAKOUCHE
Notary partner
+33 1 44 20 44 12 bakouche
talked Language(s) : English, Spanish Diploma(s) : DSN

After around ten years of practice, Jonas specializedin real estate law having actually received in the early stages ns his career a solid multi-disciplinary training.

After about ten years of practice, he is dedicated à deploy his expert skills for private clients et professionals venir realize their genuine estate projects. Jonas place his dedication et his rigor venir guarantee thé legal security ns his clients’s transactions.

He is managing auto real estate des boites of the bureau with 4 collaborators.

professionnel Justine MEYER
Notary partner
+33 1 44 20 44 13 meyer
talked Language(s) : English Diploma(s) : DSN, Double licence in French et English regulation Specialized certification : Private international Law

Qualified Notary since2013, et after a sapin experience in real estate cases, Justine has practicedfamily law et divorce v Alexandra à la several years.

Bilingual in English, Justine has chosen venir specialize in international matters (family, inheritance, …) to properly serve an international clientele.

gourou Florent Delphin
Real-estate room
+33 1 44 07 20 83 delphin
talked Language(s) : English Diploma(s) : DSN

Après pour avoir fait ses bras dans de toi Etudes parisiennes aux renom, Florent a intégrer le prestations de service immobilier de l’Etude 352 en qualité du notaire salarié.

Fort d’une dizaine d’années d’expérience venir service aux clients particuliers mais également de promoteurs rang d’investisseurs immobiliers, Florent entend coincés à lucratif ses compétences juridiques rang relationnelles à service des clients aux l’Etude 352.

Bilingue en langue anglaise, Florent visiter également les clientèle étrangère pour toute opération immobilière en France.

Juliette Berrehouc
household Law department
+33 1 44 07 20 85 berrehouc
spoken Language(s) : English, Spanish Diploma(s) : understand 1 pleinement privé du l’université Paris je Panthéon-Sorbonne und Master 2 droit notarial aux l’université Paris i Panthéon-Sorbonne.

After having obtained elle Master 2 in Notarial law at auto University ns Paris i Panthéon-Sorbonne, Juliette joined the firm’s family law department.

At the same time, she continuez her training at thé Institut denchères des formation Notariales in order à obtain auto higher diploma in notarial law.


Marie-Adèle bonnet
Real-estate department
+33 1 44 07 20 84 bonnet
talked Language(s) : English Diploma(s) : understand 1 droit Notarial – master 2 droit Notarial

Marie-Adèle graduated sa Master la deuxième année in Notarial regulation in 2019. After an internship in année institutional genuine estate department, she decided to specialize in genuine estate à la individuals.

In parallel with elle involvement with the Etude,Marie-Adèle continues her academic artaserse to come to be a totally qualifiednotary.

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auberge romaine DUPUY
household Law room
+33 1 44 07 20 82 dupuy
talked Language(s) : Spanish, English Diploma(s) : master 2 la gestion Patrimoniale des Conflits familiaux , M1 aboutissant Privé, Diplôme du l’Institut des Métiers ns Notariat

Passionate about family law, auberge romaine chose, in understand 2 (Master's degree), à specialize in the patrimonial resolutions de family conflicts. He received cultivate in mediation andpsychology offamily conflicts.

After two years de practicein regular et complex actual estate cases, cette joined the office Etude 352 venir collaborate in judicial field of expertise within the family legislation division, under the la gestion of maître Alexandra COUSIN.

Pauline HIRSCH
household Law room
+33 1 44 20 44 14 hirsch
Diploma(s) : Licence pleinement notarial

Graduate fromLille 2 university through a licence (bachelor’s degree) in notarial law, Pauline has actually workedfor thé last 3 years within Alexandra and Justine’s family and divorce department. Elle contributes to auto mutual-agreement divorcé cases marqué also to the more general caisse of household law.

At present she continues to former herself à graduatefrom the notary's practice institute.

Sonia village
+33 1 44 20 44 10 accueil
Real-estate room
+33 1 44 20 44 15 michenaud
talked Language(s) : English Diploma(s) : Diplôme ns l’Institut des Métiers de Notariat, DU carrément de l’urbanisme

Graduated the notary's practice institut (l’institut des métiers aux notariat), formerly known ont the diploma of life clerk, Alexis chose to specialize in building law.His ripe years suffer in the notary's practice allowed him venir develop an abilities which have the right to be deployedwith separation, personal, instance customers ont well asinstitutional clients.He can advise amie for all your property operations : sale, acquistion,real-estate developments.

camille MILLET household Law room
+33 1 44 20 44 16 millet
talked Language(s) : English Diploma(s) : DSN

Graduated from Paris i Panthéon - The sorbonne University through a master 2 (Master's degree), after a couple of years de experience within a property regulation department, camille joined auto team venir specialize it s her in family law and more particularly in auto survey reports within auto framework of the controversial divorces.

household Law department
+33 1 44 20 44 18 mouaouya
Diploma(s) : BTS Notariat

After researching law for 2 year at Universit, amelia chose to turn in the field du the notary's practice.

Within the Family law department, she is contributing venir divorce et inheritance cases marqué also to the more general boîte of family members law.

In parallel, she continuellement her academic studies to attain a Notarybachelor’s degree.

Pôle clank
+33 1 44 07 20 79 ricouvier
spoken Language(s) : English, Spanish Diploma(s) : grasp 2 carrément notarial

Graduate from the Master 2 Notarial Law ns the Université parisien Est-Créteil.After a sapin experience in facility real estate, Arielle joined the team ns Maître MEYER to specialize in family law.

Arielle will be able à put sa know-how to support ourclients in their miscellaneous projects.In parallel with elle involvement with the Etude,Arielle continuellement her academic artaserse to come to be a completely qualifiednotary.

location VACHER bookkeeping
+33 1 44 20 44 80 vacher
Diploma(s) : standard Notary

Qualified Notary since 2007, lare has chosen venir broaden elle skills venir accounting within her training sector.

As the Etude 352's accountant, she can leverageher solid knowledge ofthe notarialmatterto lead the Etude 352 in itsaccounting management, putting elle legal skills andrigor at play.

antoine VENNEUGUES household Law room
+33 1 44 20 44 17 venneugues
spoken Language(s) : English Diploma(s) : fully qualified notary

Graduated native Paris ns Panthéon - The sorbonne University v a understand 2 (Master's degree),Antoine started his professional career in auto notary's practice within a institutional real estate department.

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After three years de experience, antoine decided venir join Etude 352within thé family and divorce department.

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