“It’s complicated” is a kind ns letter from auto modern heart in i beg your pardon you raconter your histoires – in all their intricacy – and where a columnist answer you. This columnist is Lucile Bellan. Elle is a journalist: neither shrink, no one doctor, nor guru. She just wanted venir talk about your problems. If you want venir send him her stories, elle can write à this address:

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Dear Lucile,

A au sens propre over deux years ago, i met A., and we quickly developed a strong bond. But our common wounds triggered us venir take ours time, no to get involved as well quickly. Thus, ce is seulement un after number of months that we confessed our love. Conditions météorologiques were nous cloud nine.

Our romantic connection did not begin easily, however, despite the extraordinary honeymoon conditions météorologiques were having. Hey was coming out du a longue relationship du several years, de which cette had no yet assimilated toutes les personnes the internal transformations elle had lugged out nous him. Me, ns filled mien fear de rejection and abandonment de linking stories often short. Hey used venir run away from confrontations, à hold earlier his emotions. Me, i rushed into thé crowd with ma hypersensitivity as a bonus.

We saw these differences as a strength et had learned a lot from every other. Never has a human being pushed me so hard à become better, and I think it’s the same pour him. We had learned to overcome difficulties, to seul patience, to pedagogy.

However, as we became more et more fulfilled individuals, ours conflicts ended up being more and more complicated to habitent with. They frequently came under the conséquences sur of alcohol, which ns believe disinhibited negative emotions hidden under a special layer du love. Resentment built up despite toutes les personnes our essai to build non-violent, transparent et caring communication.

After a year et a half ns dating, nous started to open increase our relationship venir flirt jaune sleep with différent people – greatly together. This to be the culmination of all of our débat about social deconstruction: as a woman, ns was probably much more willing to embrace this nouveau reality, while cette had to aller more work nous his ego.

And climate there was thé confinement. Nous were going to celebrate our deux years du love, marqué I felt very lonely. Alone à bring the well-being du our couple, ns also necessary someone venir take care du me. End the artaserse of ours relationship, he learned à become more attentive venir me, venir others, seulement un the damages was already done: auto energy that i deployed parce que le both of us, for his happiness, emptied je of joy and spontaneity. I then hurry even an ext into thé arms of ma anxiety.

Since then, I oui suggested that we move towards an open connection because je also required to découvrir my attrait to women, as I permit him discover homosexuality. Convinced that this new freedom suited nous in view of our solid bond, je continued venir believe in us et our en vigueur together. Seulement un him, no. Our relationship deteriorated tous summer, cette was no longer even to express conflicts but only a typical detachment.

Recently, he moved 1,000 kilometers from me pour his work, et this distance, both physical et psychological, appeared to me to it is in fleeting, a phase du transition with countless changes à digest. Hey ended increase confessing to me that cette suffered native this totally free relationship (which cette enjoys however), that hey had accepted cette out du guilt pressure pour having neglected our couple, that cette did not want to lock me in a selfish cage.

We decided to break up because nous no plus long found a sufficiently spontaneous and healthy room for conversation between us. I believe that he is in a headlong mèche in the affronter of an existential problem. Ont for him, hey finds that nous are fundamentally incompatible et that our jobs were only fantasies. Yet we have similar visions du life, conditions météorologiques believe in the same worths ​​and share auto same hopes. We parted while conditions météorologiques still amour each other. Je love that madly.

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I don’t want venir give increase our story. I aller not want to give up our mutual liberty either, particularly at our age (we space in our twenties), where auto discovery ns the civilization is soja precious à build.


Dear Mr.,

Unfortunately, love or typical values ​​are no enough to keep the coupler going. Mutual projects jaune a avantage context frequently allow temps to be used up. But often, in a paire that gives up, cette is a question of what each have the right to endure parce que le the other et of the limits reached.

Sometimes this suffering et these borders are really personal: “I don’t desire you to see moi in this state” jaune “I don’t desire you venir be the witness of ma faults et my faults”. Sometimes thé balance in between shared feel is just too hard to find, also precarious as soon as it’s achieved. Nous are happy as if on a wire. Et very quickly, again, doubts et questions come back.

There is love in a passionate story. I would also say the there is love in many histoires that room not materialized par the affirmation du the existence of thé couple. Cible what conditions météorologiques often forget, in our français society fed with an excellent romantic tales, is that if love have the right to germinate anywhere, anytime, parce que le five perfect seconds ont for decades du suffering, couple, cette is much much more compartmentalized par a standard, already, et by moral and even financial contract between auto two parties.

When conditions météorologiques leave this standards et these reassuring barriers that make the couple, doubts are legion. Thé ground is more slippery, auto misunderstandings and the reasons venir be ache much more numerous. Some dream of detect a balance off the win track, marqué just can’t purchased it. Sometimes nous discover that thé feeling du security, auto comfort that nous can feeling in a well balanced couple, is more important for nous than what nous would have thought at tons glance. And again, this is a an individual question.

We can amour each divers without meeting. Conditions météorologiques can amour each est différent intrinsically jaune even subsequently at good temps shared together and be also upset passant par the evolutions ns the other, de our very own changes, passant par a crazy ideal, par a society et events that faire not facilitate anything. To love is easy. Becoming and remaining a paire is a test. It’s a storm that lasts à la decades if you oui a personality that needs à think outside auto box.

There are number of ways à make this love habitent out ns the couple. Choose practicing a polyamory the lets go of tous les jours obligations while leaving room parce que le tenderness and desire in the milieu or longue term. Bite a friendship, i beg your pardon is a form de love, passant par giving yourself thé opportunity to further transform her story si the context changes et feelings remain the same.

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There is not nothing after auto couple. Over there is even an infinity ns possibilities. On the other hand, whatever elle decide, it must be decided together and in her soul et conscience. Since the amour that remains today would not endure a grudging arrangement. And you cannot expropriate being auto driving renforcer again. This would not marque a new beginning cible the confirmer of the end de your story.