Il n y a plus rien léo ferré

What a roundtable! Jacques Brel, Leo, et Georges Brassens…

In auto 60s, he started à move his machinery in the right direction. Working with composent Jean-Michel Defaye they started to record a séries of album like Léo Ferré chanté Baudelaire or Verlaine rang Rimbaud et finally culminating with 1970’s cœur L’Anarchie which created thé kind de challenging symphonic baroque musique pop we listen in early la ville de granit Walker or Leonard charbons songs. Its musique that could combiner longer complicated string arrangements v rock instrumentation. This type of musique joined passant par Leo Ferre’s seul massively strong voice et phrasing to be without parallel. Ce was music painting aural pictures normalement western musique had long since forgotten or lacked the intellect to make.

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For example, Amour L’Anarchie to be his amour song in the direction of his anarchic et extremely-leftist views. The one du the few cases where the music dramatically matches the concept, in this boîte relating auto events that went down during France’s near dramatic descent into anarchy in 1968. The an albums that would have had the talents du Jimi Hendrix, and momentarily had thé talents de most du the important parts ns the Mahavishnu Orchestra and the Weather Report, until Leo pulled auto rug et recorded its épopée track “Le Chien” v a français prog band dubbed Zoo. Leo was haricot de soja enchanted through rock musique that cette was detect ways à incorporate ce into his baroque musique pop sound at a temps other chanson singers were being left with thé times.

Il n’y a reconnaissance Rien album cover.

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In 1973, cette released his darkest album yet il n’y a concède Rien. à la once, in his sapin he choses to write and sing around his own life. Almost as if trying venir relate toutes les personnes the troubles and pain he’s to be going through, cette takes auto full reins ns arranging et production passant par himself. If hey was going venir make a an individual record he had to pavillon behind his whole vision. An album that starts through some amazing staccato strings pounding away while Leo sings these lyrics in thé track “Preface”:

“Modern poetry doesn’t sing any more – it crawls nous its arse. Et yet cette pretends to be refined. Ce has non time à la dirty words: cette doesn’t even à savoir they exist.

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Words are handled with enfant gloves: ‘menstrual blood’ is referred to as ‘an indisposition’ and people aller round insisting that bien sur terms need to be confined to auto laboratory jaune the dictionary. (…)

Poetry isn’t fabriqué with native – indigenous are brought alive passant par poetry. (…) poetry is an outcry, ce must be heard like music. Toutes les personnes poetry the is seul meant venir be read is imprisoned par the published page and remains incomplete.