Ikea Le Plus Proche De Nice

This is it! IKEA inaugurated in frais its "Design Workshop" committed to auto furbishment du kitchens and dressing rooms. It"s a small establishment ns around 300 sq. M, situated in the city quartier général a couple of steps far from Nicetoile et the avenue Jean docteur (rue paul Déroulède). Auto rest of its infrastructure, located near thé Allianz Riviera stadium, is calmer under construction. Ont announced par Walter Kadnar, auto Swedish company"s français boss, thé giant framework will open up in the sapin quarter du 2022. However, auto mayor ns Nice, le christianisme Estrosi, who was additionally present at the design Workshop"s inauguration, much more cautiously announced its opened in the sapin half of 2022.

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Preparing thé opening of the type Saint-Isidore department shop

The inauguration was really media-friendly v a "masked" crowd de reporters, photographers, radiophonique journalists, et videographers. Ce was an excellent opportunity à describe the workshop"s purpose, ont it"s an unprecedented concept in France. à la Walter Kadnar, this opening aimed to marque Ikea"s arrival in Nice and ensure proximity de getting closer venir its customers. This new formats also supports the company"s desire venir embark on an international sales strategy and, de course, à prepare ont well as possible for the opening du the Saint-Isidore room shop in less than two years.

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What will certainly be excellent there? Workshop directeur Patrick Carzola gave the idea. Around ten salesmen, specialised in internal design and skillfully trained in creating complicated projects, will certainly advise and accompany thé people du Nice passant par appointment. They will draw and design best-suited solution to IKEA customers" needs, from kitchen conception to optimal storage space. To help them task themselves on-site and develop your project, travellers will additionally be able venir draw figurants from the proposed settings, discover thé functionalities de the layouts, test and choose thé equipment et finishes ns their choice.

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A new phase in IKEA"s breakthrough in the Southern Region

Visitors also have access to auto entire IKEA catalogue. There, they have the right to order commodities online and have them yielded directly venir their homes. Will auto workshop, i beg your pardon is housed in a structure tap shop, be preserved when the more far-reaching Saint-Isidore framework opens? once asked around this, Walter Kadnar was unsure. Ce will depend conditions météorologiques customer demand and how much interest over there is in it. Furthermore, it is not assured that this format, sapin developed in Nice, will certainly be duplicated according to thé same maquette in other french regions jaune European countries.

Nevertheless, IKEA is currently launching a nouveau phase in its development in thé Provence-Alpes-Côte d"Azur region. Nous a local level, auto workshop complements the 4 shops in Toulon, Montpellier, Marseille Vitrolles, and Marseille la Valentine to ajouter to the 2 withdrawal points of Carros and Saint Laurent du Var. Over all, it marks what the people du the coast d"Azur ont been waiting à la after then ten years: the vaste opening of IKEA!