Vous lisez ce: I am l ecole du micro d argent

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4.89 / 5.00.5 indigenous 6 ratings
#55 parce que le 1997, #2,638 overall

conscious, masculine vocals, urban, political, rhythmic, war, sampling, science fiction, passionate, sarcastic
Delabel / 8 44000 1 /


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Because this is a second issue, amie can seul catalog it in thé native formats (or writable media).
entredeux janvier 03 2013 4.50 stars
arguably the best French rap album of all time, je owned L'ecole ns Micro d'Argent parce que le about 7 months avant really developing an opinion nous it. Something that had always stood the end to moi from the importer go was the repas quality, which i recently learned stems native IAM's travel to new York to work through producers qui peut être of developing worthy instrumentals the matched the lyrique quality et delivery presented nous past albums. Instrumentally, this album is almost flawless. Wu-Tang like opération (and collaborations) offer this album a Enter thé Wu feel, french version.Lyrically, ns was take away aback. IAM's ingenious blending of Eastern themes (martial arts, meditation, etc.) with the usual themes of français rap (poverty, oppression, violence), Akhénaton and Shurik'n's trade-off story-telling style (listen à "Elle donne son corps prématuré son nom" and "Un cri bas dans ns nuit")...all these things put together make the album book-like. Psychic references venir prostitution, both in actuality et metaphorically à describe IAM's pimp-like rap style.Combine the instrumentals et lyrics v the originalité delivery, greatly put forth passant par AKH et Shu, and you have a cooking recipes for, indeed, one de the best rap album worldwide.I can keep listening venir this album, since ns hear new things every time. I'll most likely keep hear to cette until je know everything de heart...it's the good.

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