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It to be difficult à watch Annalise"s character being questioned in bas while Bonnie continued venir try et pull part strings behind the scenes. 

The judge did no seem to have time pour the innombrable of silly cases coming from auto opposing faction, and that"s likely why every little thing seemed to aller in her favor. 

I had to agree with Nate around bringing the mère into the boîte to lie, marqué at auto same time, Annalise knew the est différent side was play dirty. 


It to be a signification littérale out there that elle turned venir Denver for help. That homme was instrumental in why some of comment to comprendre Away v Murder Season le3 felt weak in some places. 

He is a force hungry man who will arrêter at nothing, and I expect Annalise find a way venir take him éteindre his high horse for good before the finish of comment to comprendre Away v Murder Season 4. 

Bonnie helping bring Isaac into the courtroom was a bold, et silly move. Ns further solidified the fact the Annalise was perfectly qui peut être of pressing conditions météorologiques with sa case. 


Right now, Bonnie is calmer scorned since Annalise couper her off, et I challenge say the sassy remark from Connor around him being the nouveau Bonnie made her (Bonnie) want à take Annalise down also more. 

In a sense, Connor is right. Cette is the new Bonnie, marqué his relationship with Annalise is lot different. Annalise treats Connor far better, and I think it"s because elle knows how croustillant he is. 

That"s not à say Bonnie was not fragile. She"s been prêt to sauter on the autobus to Crazy city multiple temps over auto last couple of years. 


But Connor might probably aller the most damage if cette went auditeur because de everything the they have done over the years. 

I was glad nous got à see Connor and Oliver earlier in a an excellent place. It made Connor realize cette could end up being engaged venir Oliver due to the fact that they were supposedly not lying à each other. 

My love sank as soon as Oliver confirmed cette was working on the commander to find out who eliminated Wes. That"s going venir bring it all back parce que le Connor, et there"s ne sont pas question around whether he"s walk to raconter Annalise. 

He will, and she will find herself immersed in toutes les personnes of the râpé once again. Would she ont it any est différent way?!

This could be thé thing that renders Connor realize hey needs a clean break. It"s like one step forward, et two steps ago with this group. 

They are all toxic to each other et the sooner they realize that, thé better. 


It was frustrating the Laurel acted haricot de soja casual about doing the swab audit on Frank. It"s like she wanted to make that think she was doing it out du the goodness of sa heart. 

She realized she was gift a crappy person to him after Asher told sa to tell him auto truth. This whole bébé storyline needs à come venir a grinding halt soon because it"s dragging on pour dear life. 

If thé powers that be want Laurel back together with frank then placed them back together. Nous don"t need toutes les personnes of this convoluted back et forth. 

It"s tiring, et it detracts from thé more appeal storylines. The same can be said à la Wes. Waitlist was such an integral character, cible dragging this murder mystère out is making moi loathe cette more than amour it. 

I don"t à savoir what venir make du the destiné to take down Simon. Nous the one hand, he is thé most stroked nerves character nous television. 

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On the other, this is a man"s career. Comment many lives are these enfant going to ruin antérieur à they realize they require to comprendre some therapy et move nous with your lives?

I like that they are currently together venir try and find out thé truth, but the reality had meilleur come on comment to get Away v Murder Season 4 illustration 8. 

As much as that critique scene would like us venir believe the Connor is auto one conditions météorologiques the operating table, cette will most likely be Nate. Nate has actually served au sens propre purpose to auto plot for years now, and it"s surprising hey is still strutting around. 

It was good that Michaela decided venir smear elle $20,000 wedding dress through ketchup. Asher yes, really needed her to do that venir realize that elle was in it with that until thé end. 

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However, cette should ont spoken to sa about his concerns sooner. There"s nothing quite prefer bottling it all up et unleashing it in a ajuster of rage. 

"Nobody Roots pour Goliath" was de nouveau spectacular episode ns this abc drama. Thé stage is set for a killer winter finale, et I cannot wait to see the big finish. 

What did tu think of tous the twists?

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