How to get away with a murderer wes

When How to comprendre Away v Murder premiered nous ABC ago in 2014, part ns the Shondaland show"s very nice was, well, murder. Through such an explicit title, viewers came in learning that personalities were going à die. 

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What was less clear from the show"s premise was who would it is in murdered. While How to get Away with Murder dabbled in the deaths of supporting characters early on, viewers were thrown parce que le a loop when it was revealed throughout season le 3 that Wes Gibbons, played by Alfred Enoch de Harry Potter fame, was the show"s recent victim. One ns the d’origine Keating Five, Wes" boy-next-door charms and semi-outsider status fabriqué him the lentille through which viewers saw the competitive (and deadly) world du Middleton legislation School. The series" most prominent everyman, Wes is take away under thé wing de Suicide Squad star Viola Davis" Annalise Keating, where hey learns the often unjust inner-workings de the criminal judiciaire system.

Wes ultimately becomes romantically entwined with Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza), who reveals that elle is pregnant v their kid around auto time of his fatality in a secret fire. This relationship is eventually what dirige to thé axing of Enoch"s character. His departure sentiment a ripple through the HTGAWM fanbase, upsetting those that weren"t yet prêt to say goodbye to the character, et confusing viewers about thé real reason à la Enoch"s departure. 

Alfred Enoch's departure of how to volonté Away through Murder was a creative not a expert decision

Richard Cartwright/ABC
Wes" death was one du the show"s most shocking and unexpected moments, leading à much speculation around why thé character"s storyline had actually come to an abrupt end. In année interview with Entertainment Weekly, Enoch described that auto decision was an innovative rather 보다 professional. Thé show"s shortened episode order — no more 보다 16 revenir season based nous Davis" contract stipulations — stifled thé actor"s ability venir "go and do something else in auto hiatus." Narratively, Wes" death was a relocate that fabriqué sense in terms du the show"s need to develop divers characters, oui well as stay true venir its twisty mysteries et moral dilemmas. 

"We"ve done soja much Wes story," Enoch told the magazine. "It"ll be interesting, it"ll be good, they"ll be able to à faire something else. Also, ns think it"s an excellent because some de the tensions are acquiring unresolved. Aller you know what i mean? room they never ever going venir find the end that Bonnie killed Rebecca , because how are Wes et Bonnie going venir exist under the same roof? i would much rather this happen than they uncover out, et they make up. Ns would be like, "That can"t happen.""

For Enoch, it was virtually impossible to keep fémoral believable without doing something significant with his role. "That"s one ns the challenges du the show. Sensational et dramatic things happen, et then the writers amazingly discover ways venir keep thé characters coexisting, cible that"s nice tricky," the gibbs said. "The nature of the démontrer throws up this problems, so je think this is a an excellent resolution to many de those."

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Nicole Rivelli/ABC
Before his death, Wes gained away through a murder de his own — specifically thé death ns Annalise"s husband, satellite (Tom Verica). Wes and his then-love interest Rebecca broke into the Keatings" page daccueil to uncover evidence ns Sam"s role in auto death ns a female student. When sam caught them, a battle ensued antérieur à Annalise"s husband fell from a landing. But Sam re-emerged and attempted à kill Rebecca before Wes stopped him. Death Sam, follow me with the Five"s other dark acts, sweet heavily conditions météorologiques Wes, et he increasingly proposed turning themselves in. As soon as Wes fell in love with Laurel, who came from a powerful Mexican la criminalité family, his passion for accountability threatened thé family business, leading Laurel"s mom à put a hit out nous him.

The biggest question avant Wes" fatality was comment someone that doesn"t want to importer away with murder navigates sapin with personnes who do. "That was something conditions météorologiques struggled through the life season because nous were shoot those scenes, and we didn"t savoir Wes had actually killed Sam," Enoch called EW. "The characters à savoir it, marqué finding ce out, cette was tricky to be like, "Why does anyone forgive him parce que le embroiling them in a killing plot, which ultimately hey has nothing to faire with?" castle could"ve left. How à faire they importer past that?" 

While it may have made artistic sense, fans still lamented his departure, and Enoch appreciated their sentiments. "People — at the very least the people who speak to je about it ont seemed à care around it," Enoch told Access Hollywood. "But elle know, that"s sort of what auto show"s about. It"s twists et turns venir a little peu of heart pain here and there." 

Alfred Enoch never returned venir HTGAWM oui Wes, marqué successfully predicted his appearance ont Wes' son

Mitch Haaseth/ABC
While Enoch"s time as Wes came to année end during season 3, ce wasn"t auto last time he appeared on the show. In an interview with TVLine following thé series" cancellation and the finale, How to get Away through Murder showrunner peter Nowalk revealed bringing Wes ago was never ever a legitimate opportunity in the way that cette was for other characters, prefer Sam or even Karla Souza"s Laurel. 

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"It would ont been if we hadn"t checked out him et shown his autopsy, which to be such a horrible, graphique thing," Nowalk said TVLine. "I mean, work-related backwards from over there — Annalise seeing him conditions météorologiques the stretcher was one ns our biggest twists, one ns our many painful twists et most painful decisions to make. That would oui had to be, like, the policier put makeup on him. There was no way à make the work."

But Alfred Enoch did return appearing at Annalise"s funeral in a flash-forward as Wes and Laurel"s get an impression son. Strange enough, cette happened in the very same means Enoch proposed a possible return pour himself. "Maybe lock could aller some real âge makeup, et you know, thé show"s always about flash-forwards," Enoch called Access Hollywood in 2017. "So maybe cut ahead prefer 25 years? marqué maybe castle wouldn"t give me the part ns Wes" son. That would be as well weird."

Apparently, cette wasn"t "too weird." Nowalk told TVLine that gaining the former HTGAWM actor back was, in auto end, auto fitting and true to auto series" spirit. "It wasn"t collection in stone until said he would do it," Nowalk said. "And luckily, cette was dazzling to faire it. Marqué yes, the was ma pitch. That was a way à kill Annalise et also continue to be in thé style of the show, which is flashing forward. This is auto ultimate flash-forward."