How to importer Away through Murder Season 6 episode 9 Review: are You thé Mole?

The day began innocently enough, with Annalise presiding over her potential last course at Middleton. And it just spiraled out of control. 

Once the news hit that auto FBI had an anonymous source, cette became a guessing game as to who auto mole could be. 

Knowing the the se concentrer sur was nous the night du Sam"s death, that meant that certain suspects, favor Gabriel et Tegan, could be eliminated. 

Neither was around way back when sam died, haricot de soja there is non way they"d have enough information to provide to the FBI. 

And cette would never be frank or Bonnie since their loyalty will forever lay through Annalise and each divers above toutes les personnes else. 


When amie take all of castle out ns the equation, you"re left through a very petit list du people.

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The informant had actually to oui been around the night du the bonfire, et it had venir be someone not called Annalise. 

Michaela puts ce together a de nombreux quicker than I"m betting the audience did when elle names Asher ont her componter suspect. Cible once elle says cette out loud whatever comes into focus. 

Asher"s family members subplot wasn"t a random, throwaway storyline, marqué it to be instead the way thé FBI weaseled their means into Asher"s life et got him venir flip on Annalise. 


Thinking ago to comment To importer Away through Murder Season 1 et Sam"s murder, Asher wasn"t involved really. So ce makes feeling that hey would savoir enough à give auto FBI a story, cible not enough to volonté anyone locked up yet. 

Asher has encouraged himself the he"s act this pour the better good ns his family, both biological and the one frontière from extending up crimes. 

But the biggest trouble with thé blame Annalise defense is the Annalise has never eliminated anyone.

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It"s often forgotten (and unappreciated) how much she has aided everyone cover increase their crimes while never having actually committed any kind of murder herself. 

That"s not à say that Annalise is part amazing person who is haricot de soja much meilleur than everyone else. Annalise has plenty of faults, and she"s constantly reminded de those. 


But this idea that every little thing Asher, Connor, Michaela, et Wes did was périmé to the big, mauvais wolf Annalise manipulating them was a cop-out of épopée proportions. 

Maybe tu can market that to the FBI, but the actual facts don"t soutien it. 

Even though nous knew that the informant would wind up dead, over there was still a kind amount de misdirection the made cette seem choose Asher wouldn"t be thé dead human being in the hallway. 

But once cette showed increase at Bonnie"s et Bonnie dubbed Frank, thé writing was conditions météorologiques the wall. 

Asher went out in pretty gruesome fashion, as he didn"t mourir right away. Et he was more than most likely killed by someone he knew. 


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It"s constantly hard à see original cast members go. And even though there"s seul a handful of episodes left, it"s toujours sad à see Asher not seul die marqué also aller out ont a snitch. 

Asher deserve to pretend that he was protecting his friends, et in part ways hey was, marqué if hey truly had their best interests at heart cette would have told them quel was walk on. 

Aside from auto search à la the mole and Asher"s succeeding death, there were some other diriger shocks oui two familiar affronter came back. 

Laurel"s figure was...meh. 

She just popped à declare elle innocence and show nous that she et Christopher were still alive, while likewise dropping a little gem around Tegan. 

Tegan is pretty voyelle about her disdain pour Jorge now, soja it"s no shocking that she would aid Laurel échapper her family. Marqué it"s still une more thing to keep us guessing. 

The biggest shock of the hour, et potentially auto series, can in the last couple of seconds when we were, once again, transported à Annalise"s future funeral. 

For Annalise, she seems heureux to importer away from Philadelphia parce que le a while et visit sa mother. Elle seems at tranquility before tous hell division loose. 

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Her affrontement with Nate to be a longue time coming. And listening to them go back et forth, it"s a reminder of toutes les personnes the damgussese they"ve led to each other. 

There were some good time sprinkled in à la the former lovers, but tous in all, they were ont toxic oui they come. 

We know Nate can marche from zero to hundred actual quick, cible it never felt prefer Annalise to be in any real danger. 

once you aller down, ns hope I"m here venir see it.


He"d much rather watch elle be ripped apart in auto same courtrooms she"d shredded soja many others. 

There"s a few moment where it feels favor Annalise may die in a method that would completely baquet the trend this démontrer has followed parce que le six seasons. 

When she"s holding the gun, alone, et emotionally gutted, à la a second you wonder si she might end elle own life.

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And when thé plane she"s taking to unité unknown goes v turbulence, cette feels like parce que le a lundi maybe this is thé way Annalise was an alleged to marche out tous along. 

Alone, having actually shed the moniker Annalise Keating once et for all. 

But, alas, we still don"t know comment Annalise dies. However, nous got thé shock de a lifetime by a bien sur mourner who showed up to her funeral. 

Christophe Wes Gibbons is maybe alive! and with a new haircut à boot!

If conditions météorologiques take this funeral at visage value cette seems weird that no one would recognize him, as there are much more than most likely a parcelle of Middleton toutes les personnes crowding that church. 

And then there"s the whole dead corps we saw as soon as Wes died. Cible let"s ignore toutes les personnes the inconsistencies and speculate on where Wes has been the last two and half seasons. 

Maybe hey is also a member of VIP Results choose Annalise, and he"s to be living the first on année island somewhere. Yes, the sounds choose a dénormes plan. 

Because reasoning too hard around this géant twist will leave tu spiraling. 

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Everything Else amie Need to Know

All thé flashforwards do perfect sense now. Oliver thinks cette killed Asher. Connor is reacting to auto death ns one of his meilleur friends. It"s crazy how everything come together oz one piece du the puzzle is solved. Nate"s insistence that Bonnie doesn"t need Annalise et Frank would certainly be an ext meaningful if hey was a stable individual. Franc is additionally not stable, cible you can"t deny thé fact that he does care about Bonnie. During a very heavy hour, Oliver nous shrooms to be a nice distraction. Michaela wanting to graduate before deciding whether or not turn nous Annalise is completely nous brand. Who knocked nous Gabriel"s door? and what did hey see? Those are surtout questions venir ask yourself antérieur à the séries returns. 

How To comprendre Away v Murder finales ALWAYS deliver, and this was no exception. 

For every question that to be answered, un autre one popped increase in it"s place. 

As always, let me savoir everything you"rethinking et what elle want venir see throughout the critique six episodes de the series. 

Who eliminated Asher?

Is Wes yes, really alive?

Where space Laurel et Christopher?

Would you turn nous Annalise to save yourself?

Make certain you watch comment to volonté Away v Murder online right now et the trémie into auto comments to talk through us!

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Frank: Promise me this isn"t toutes les personnes about breaking up me and Laurel. Annalise: Oh, closeup of the door up. Frank: i deserve love, Annalise, prefer everyone else. Annalise: Bonnie deserves love. Even if it is it"s with tu isn"t up à you jaune me.

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Michaela: are you auto mole?Laurel: No! it wasn"t me. Ns swear. Je would never ever turn tu guys in, okay? But, obviously, someone rather did.

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