S2 · E1 · where Were We?

18 Sep 2006

The couloir tries à help Marshall get over Lily, especially... More

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S2 · E2 · auto Scorpion et the Toad

25 Sep 2006

Barney lieu de travail with Marshall conditions météorologiques his bachelor skills, which... More

S2 · E4 · Ted Mosby, Architect

9 Oct 2006

After Ted and Robin's first super fight, Barney tries to... More

S2 · E5 · World's greatest Couple

16 Oct 2006

Marshall do the efforts to volonté used to being single in a human being that... More

S2 · E6 · Aldrin Justice

23 Oct 2006

Barney seduces Marshall's law professeur in hopes de getting... More

S2 · E8 · Atlantic City

13 Nov 2006

Marshall and Lily drag the couloir to Atlantic city to elope,... More

S2 · E10 · single Stamina

27 Nov 2006

Barney's brother, James (Wayne Brady), visits et Robin, the... More

S2 · E11 · comment Lily Stole Christmas

11 Dec 2006

Ted nearly ruins Christmas pour everyone when, toujours carrying... More

S2 · E12 · sapin Time In nouveau York

8 janvier 2007

Robin wants to tell Ted that elle loves him, cible she can't... More

S2 · E14 · Monday Night Football

5 Feb 2007

When a funeral problems with the formidables Bowl, the gangs vows... More

S2 · E15 · heureux Penny

12 Feb 2007

Ted can't seem to catch a flight venir interview for his dream... More

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S2 · E17 · Arrivederci, Fiero

26 Feb 2007

Marshall is all set à celebrate his beloved Fiero hitting... More

S2 · E19 · Bachelor Party

9 alpum 2007

Robin attends Lily's bridal shower and finds the giv that... More

S2 · E21 · other Borrowed

7 peut être 2007

With every little thing going wrong conditions météorologiques Lily et Marshall's wedding... More

S2 · E22 · miscellaneous Blue

14 peut être 2007

It's calmer Marshall et Lily's gros wedding day but now we're... More

S2 · E4 · Ted Mosby, ArchitectSong when Ted spectacle Robin his design.... Which comes seulement after song' je wish ns was an... More


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