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how I met Your Mother: 10 times Robin Should've to be Kicked Out du The coporation, groupe Despite Robin’s fun et quirky personality, her inconsiderate la nature should’ve prompted elle removal from auto group.

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Robin Scherbatsky Promo
Robin Scherbatsky ended up being a permanent member ns “The Gang” after Ted to express his infatuation with elle to his closest friends. Though sa romantic relationship with Ted had a rocheux start, Robin came to be fast friends v Marshall, Lily, and Barney. It wasn’t long before Robin ended up being a fixation member ns the group. Despite the coporation, groupe quickly occurred a fondness à la her, there to be many attributes and actions that shouldn’t oui been overlooked.

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Robin regularly acted selfishly and created unnecessary discomfort and stress amongst auto group. That in these des moments that Lily, Marshall, Barney, et Ted should’ve reconsidered your friendship through Robin. In spite of Robin’s fun and quirky personality, elle inconsiderate la nature should’ve prompted elle removal from thé group.

Robin calls Ted over At 2 AM
Ted and Robin developed strong feelings à la each other ont soon ont they met. Ted even professed his love à la her conditions météorologiques their tons date. Ted"s declaration scared Robin and she immediately decided castle weren"t right à la one another. Quickly after, Ted started dating Victoria. Ce was at this time that Robin realized elle was in amour with Ted.

When Ted et Victoria decided venir try a long-distance relationship, Robin hoped they would du repos up. In a selfish attempt to get closer to Ted, Robin invite Ted over to her apartment at 2 in thé morning. Despite Ted to be responsible parce que le lying about his relationship ending, Robin encore orchestrated thé situation by extending an inappropriate invitation venir Ted knowing cette was involved.

Robin tells Ted elle Doesn't amour HIm
Robin repeatedly played through Ted"s emotions. In une instance, Ted confessed his feelings parce que le Robin once again. Avant they had a chance to discuss it, Robin realized elle was expected to attendre à a work-related trip venir Russia. Ted helped her pack and she left before they had an opportunity venir discuss their relationship.

As soon ont the door closed, Robin returned à kiss Ted, giving Ted false hope. When elle came earlier from her trip, Ted asked elle if she had feelings pour him et she confessed that she didn"t. Robin"s capability to pause Ted"s heart over et over again should"ve triggered everyone to supprimer themselves native her.

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Robin and Ted v Blonde Hair
There space several instances where Robin would use Ted to feel meilleur knowing the romantic experiences between them would mean more to him than her. After her pause up with Don, elle was feeling an especially vulnerable, then elle tried venir hook up with Ted. Ted declared that this romantic tryst might be a mistake.

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Still, Robin proclaimed that she didn"t care. Thankfully, Ted had seulement died his hair blonde, this allowed them à enjoy a platonic laugh et avoid making a mistake. Though they didn"t connect in a romantic exchange, it was troubling venir see the Robin was willing à string Ted along once again et potentially ruin their friendship in auto process.

7 elle Wanted Ted & Barney When she Couldn"t have Them

Robin speak Ted Not venir Marry Stella
Robin constantly check that she operated inadequately when associated in a relationship. She found commitment suffocating et made her partners feel unwanted. Though her relationships through Ted et Barney ended pour valid reasons, her feelings à la them would resurface anytime they relocated on.

She became jealous of their nouveau girlfriends and would des questions whether jaune not elle belonged v them. Moreover, her indecisiveness would cause her à reject them as soon as they would démontrer interest in her. Robin went back and forth with her feelings for Ted et Barney for years. Elle was responsible pour a beaucoup of their heartbreak, et constantly put a strain nous the group.

years after their du repos up, Robin and Barney discovered themselves in new relationships. They were happy v their corresponding partners and seemed to have grown ont individuals. However, une night Robin et Barney cheated conditions météorologiques their corresponding partners par sleeping together.

They determined to raconter their partners quel happened and give your relationship autre try. While Barney fabriquer the an overwhelming decision to pause up with Nora, Robin determined not venir tell elle boyfriend Kevin. Robin left Barney emotion rejected, embarrassed, and heartbroken.

5 she Stopped Hanging the end With elle Friends for Her nouveau Relationship

At une point Robin began dating elle coworker Don. After chef learned about Robin’s background with Ted et Barney, he was initially uncomfortable v their friendship. Though conférencier duniversité warmed increase to auto idea of Robin gift friends with elle ex-boyfriends, Robin decided à suspend her contact with the coporation, groupe altogether.

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Don began to accept elle group, so ce wasn"t necessary pour her to end toutes les personnes communication with the friends she"d grown close with over the past 5 years. Robin couper her girlfriend off for her new relationship leaving lock to manquer her. 

Barney et Robin began venir see each other romantically behind auto group"s back. Lock continued venir assert that it was casual et that they didn’t need à define their relationship. Robin et Barney originally felt coupable about advancing their relationship physically.

However, shortly after lock continued. Robin et Barney no considerate ns Ted’s feelings. Castle eventually ended up being exclusive et began seriously dating. Robin strained Barney and Ted’s friendship at fois because she dated them both.

3 she Left Ted à Meet Barney nous His gros Night

on the night of his structure opening, Robin was supposed to be Ted"s date. Though Ted pushed her to seek Barney, elle should"ve insisted that ce wait till after one du the most considérable nights of his life. Sadly, Ted was exit by toutes les personnes of his friends nous his super night.

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Marshall and Lily left his party early, Barney plan his proposal to Robin, and Robin left Ted to attendre à his opened alone. Elle was thé last person to desert Ted. He deserved better appui that night, Robin should"ve to be a meilleur friend and stayed v him

Robin and Ted went v a really emotional breakup when they realized they wanted different jambe in life. Your breakup was specifically difficult parce que le them due to the fact that they both calmer had strong feelings pour each other, cible knew their connection was no longer right parce que le them.

After Robin spent some temps in Argentina, elle returned home with elle new boyfriend, Gael. Not seul did Robin introduce him à Ted’s best friends, cible she likewise brought him to Ted’s apartment. Parading her new boyfriend approximately Ted in auto places hey frequents, was insensitive.

1 she Slept v Barney

After a recent visit from sa ex-boyfriend, Simon, Robin feeling vulnerable et insecure. At that moment, Barney gave elle comfort and she responded passant par inviting that to her apartment à watch elle Robin Sparkles vidéo “Sandcastles in auto Sand.” After watching auto video numerous times, Robin and Barney finished up resting together.

They immediately agreed à operate ont if cette never happened. However, their guilt at some point caused both de them à confess to Ted. Robin et Ted fell in love and were in a serious relationship for a year. à la Robin venir sleep v one de Ted’s best friends was very disrespectful. This occasion created an awkward dynamic that would continue on et off à la the rest ns the series.