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how I met Your Mother: where Ted Got thé Pineapple From how did Ted Mosby get the pineapple in how I endroit Your mother season 1"s classic episode? The mystère was fixed in a deleted scene.

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where did Ted get the secret pineapple in How ns Met her Mother? auto puzzling pineapple appeared in auto sitcom"s sapin season and became one ns the show"s biggest la poêle mysteries. But the truth wasn"t revealed till after the series ended.

"The Pineapple Incident" was episode 10 of the How i Met your Mother season 1. Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) and his friends tried à put together the events the took place before he woke up with a girl in his bed and a pineapple nous his nightstand. Ted"s night de drinking meant cette had non memory ns the night marqué the girl, Trudy (Danica McKellar), at some point filled in a few blanks. In spite of some useful clues, however, elle didn"t have année answer explaining comment the pineapple obtained there. Effronté the episode"s a venir Ted narration, the gang never uncovered out auto truth.

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However, the doesn"t median there isn"t an answer, it"s seulement not part de the montrer proper; the mystère was at some point solved in a deleted scene from How i Met her Mother"s critique season, released oui part of the complete séries DVD boxset. In season 9, episode 20, "Daisy", Ted, Marshall (Jason Segel), and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) team up à find Lily (Alyson Hannigan) after she disappeared native the Farhampton Inn. They end up at auto Captain"s (Kyle MacLachlan) house. In thé deleted scene, the Captain mentioned to Ted how cette previously stole native him, a playful canular intended to remark on comment Ted stole auto Captain"s wife, Zoey (Jennifer Morrison). Marqué it transforms out Ted also stole something else from thé man - a pineapple.

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How i met your Mother gangs Eating Pineapple
if Ted was leaving the Captain"s house, he noticed a pineapple sit outside de the doorway. Thé Captain defined that it"s an old sea captain tradition et mentioned that hey also maintained one nous his porch at his house in thé city. V this prompt, Ted instantly had actually a flashback to his drunken night in 2005 avant he met Trudy; if walking approximately the city in a drunken stupor, Ted passed passant par the Captain"s ville house et stole thé pineapple from the porch. And with that flashback, auto Pineapple incident mystery was finally solved.

It may at sapin seem surprising that thé showrunners didn"t include thé scene in auto final cut considering how vocal ventilateurs were about getting answers to thé pineapple mystery, but having Ted discover its origin when his 2030 self had claimed cette never learned auto truth would ont created a pretty considerable plot hole. That said, Alyson Hannigan oz took to social media venir explain that the scene was cut due to time constraints.

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Considering thé controversy neighboring How i Met your Mother"s ending, though, ce would ont been nice to see thé series go back venir its roots et focus on their long-running jokes. At least fans ultimately got answers.