Hotel Puy Du Fou Villa Gallo Romaine

expand your journey with history de booking année all-inclusive stay in one du our hotels. Select your own atmosphere et period du history pour a high-end stay v a unique change of scene.

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The Camp de Drap d"Or rapide its guests venir follow in the footsteps du England’s Henry VIII and Francis ns of la france in one ns 100 flamboyant ‘lodgings’ ns the Field of the Cloth of Gold.


pass through auto portcullis and find you yourself in the Middle Ages! invest a night within the ramparts under the protection of the knights de Puy du Fou.


Built entirely nous stilts, this hôtel will take tu back to auto Merovingian duration where comfortable family members rooms are discovered inside thatched-roof huts.

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This accommodation has actually taken inspiration from luigi XIV’s very own private château. Thé Sun king created Versailles venir be able venir welcome Ambassadors et to construct a courtyard. Cette then built autre château in Marly which was supposedly reserved à la his friends et intimate affairs.

Located fermé to the habitent entrance to the vaste Parc, thé Logis aux Lescure has 4 duplex suites from année43 to 77 m² in année authentic 18th-century Vendean building.

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Much more than a traditional theme park, Puy ns Fou has been vote the best theme park in thé world! auto Puy du Fou suffer is really different from différent theme parks et our spectacular shows and unusual hotels will certainly send you straight earlier in time. It’s auto perfect place for an unforgettable pause or family weekend.