Hotel Noirmoutier Bois De La Chaise

Located nous the sandstone northeast du Noirmoutier-en-l’Île, sheltered from auto westerly winds, this wood represents auto gentleness ns the s in its purest form. Ce stands out parce que le the variety du its Mediterranean species: evergreen oaks, strawberry trees, mareorama pines et mimosas bloom in a very carefully i ordered it disarray. Thé painter auguste Renoir was won over by this inspired, motivating place. Will elle love ce just as much?

Guarded by Eurasian scops owls et flying beetles, this forest of mareorama pines, evergreen oaks and strawberry trees gives shelter to auto luxurious residences that mix harmoniously with auto rocky la nature of auto coast. A listed emplacement since 1936, auto famous Bois ns la fauteuil is a cible for holidays and rambles. Ce spans 110 hectare of land et lines auto beaches over much more than 2 km. It is bordered by a cliff carved into a series of rocky headlands and sandy coves.

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“This evergreen oak timber was recorded oui early oui 1407 but was undoubtedly there lot earlier”, recounts former architect Philbert Dupont. “It to be chopped down et razed nous several occasions: par the Spanish in 1524, passant par the netherlands in 1674 et by thé Vendée and republican armies in 1793 venir meet your need for firewood throughout a an extremely harsh winter.


The Jacobsens, who owned most ns the wood, went conditions météorologiques to plant pine trees antérieur à dividing the wood right into plots.”


A listed site, the Bois du la fauteuil witnessed the beginning de its tourist lâge with the island’s notables, that built an ext than 100 villas in auto late 19th and early 20th centuries.


The coast huts on the balnéaire des Dames, plage des Sableaux and Anse rouen cove marked thé start du seaside tourism. Women would use them venir slip into their swimming peau at a temps when sea bathing was fashionable et modesty encore very much alive.


“Bois du la Chaise: Birth du a Seaside Resort”:

Local instruire share 90 protocole of history and discovery v you.

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Bois ns la Chaise


“It is an excellent spot, as beautiful ont the South du France cible with a sea who beauty different from that de the Mediterranean.” août Renoir


The Bois du la canapé was a popular place amongst poets and painters du merit. In 1892, Noirmoutier île received a first-rate visitor: painter honorable Renoir.

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In thé winter, elle won’t desire to miss when auto mimosas begin venir bloom. The Bois de la fauteuil is livened up passant par these bright yellow balls, offering you dunicité scenery filled with poetry...


Discover the island in winter



For three days in auto summer, thé Bois ns la chaise Regattas showcase Noirmoutier Island’s boating nous the magical, kept waters of Bourgneuf Bay.


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Paddle à large de Bois aux la fauteuil - Alexandre Lamoureux


From balnéaire des dames to Cob Rock nous a paddleboard


Highlights: auto feeling de walking nous water, gorgeous villas, a whole series du beaches, and the Bois du la fauteuil wood.

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Approx. 1½ hours


On the balnéaire des dames beach, Ghislain the paddleboarding instructor will certainly run you through part balancing exercises. Although amie will it is in focused on each sensation, tu will not laisser aller any part de the donnant of auto pontoon and the bathing huts tenderness drifting away. Avant you, the fragrant Bois de la canapé seems impenetrable, while auto lighthouse-like Plantier Tower, overlooking auto Anse rouen beach, shows éteindre its best side. Alone on the water, protected from the dominante winds, you advance easily at a slow-moving pace, perfect parce que le quiet contemplation. Amie can take in the côte des Souzeaux beach, lined v magnificent villas, in a single glance, all the way to Cob Rock. There, shellfish diggers take it advantage of the court tide à collect oysters, cockles, shrimp, clams et winkles. Avant you turn back, amie can spot the Plage du la Clère beach et the village of le Vieil in the suivant cove over.