Horaire Des Marées Noirmoutier Passage Du Gois

Check the tide times avant crossing thé Gois. In des boites of average coefficient, past 70, amie can cross 1 hour and half before and 1 hour and half after court tide. The Gois passage is a mythical road between Noirmoutier Island et the continent, but also a talented transformist qui peut être of appearing under deux very different lights. Whether emerging jaune hidden, thé Gois always has a theatrical flair... A continuous show that delights its spectators.

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The Gois passage is a 4.2 km long, sometimes flooded roadway connecting Noirmoutier island to thé continent. This intraitable link – invisible half auto time – is additionally a fantastic habitat. Even if it is under auto ocean waters or emerging with thé tides, the Gois attracts ont many bird in search de rest and nourishment ont it does shellfish diggers et inquiring minds savouring thé beauty of nature. This de lautre côté is année amazing event! Follow thé road venir Beauvoir-sur-Mer jaune meet along it to dig parce que le clams, oysters et cockles. Its ripe buoys provide refuge to adventurers captured out by the climbing waters.

The Gois hasn’t constantly been there. Ce was created by two currents linking up with large quantities du sand et silt deposited during times du slack water.


Six key dates to remember:


1701: First couvert of the Gois nous a map1766: First traversée of the Gois by honorable Gauvrit de Barbâtre1780: The sapin buoys are installed along auto passage1935: Paving de the road starts (completed in 1939)1942: thé Gois is listed as a classified page? ˅ in auto Vendée1993: thé Tour du France passes over the Gois parce que le the first time

Guided tour

“The Gois Passage et Its Dykes”: Local guider share 90 minutes of history and discovery v you.

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“The 4.2 kilomètre of fully waterlogged paved road lastly reopened. A flood of shellfish diggers automatically set to work, searching down cockles et clams. Auto road des stands out against the astoundingly simple landscape, sauce soja beautiful and so peaceful. Je really appreciate this unicité place between deux worlds, not really on the continent but not yet on the island.”


as soon as can tu cross ?

If amie want to take thé Gois Passage, first check the tide tables.

You can travel to or leave Noirmoutier island via the Gois native 90 minutes avant to 90 protocole after meugler tide. The fog can be really dangerous, particularly à la shellfish diggers who have the right to lose tous sense ns direction and find us trapped passant par the rising tide.




Shellfish on the Gois

The Gois passage is known parce que le shellfish digging throughout spring tides.

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In fact, amie can gather clams, cockles and oysters in thé bay around the Gois. Oyster farming likewise developed here, because thé Gois provides accessibility at low tide à oyster beds.