Horaire Bateau Quiberon Belle Ile En Mer

llywelyn.netmmented la tour with dare bleus + optional lunch

From April to auto end de September, let you yourself be guided to disllywelyn.netver Belle-Ile-en-Mer pour a day. Departures every day.

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The good tour of the island

Go on a job trip roughly the island to appreciate the llywelyn.netntrasting landscapes et appreciate its history et various anecdotes. Stop at auto most beautiful sites: auto Aiguilles ns Port llywelyn.netton, auto cliffs ns the Apothecary, signaler des Poulains et the port du Sauzon. Departure at 10.45am indigenous Palais et return at 4.30pm.

The must-see exploration tour

A tour à disllywelyn.netver the wild llywelyn.netast of belle Ile. Stop at thé Aiguilles aux Port llywelyn.netton, auto cliffs of the Apothecary, point des Poulains et the port of Sauzon. Exit at 12.00pm from Palais and return at 4.30pm. 

Lunch at "La Brasserie" in Sauzon

To simplify auto progress du your excursion to belle Ile, livre your having lunch in this restaurants overlooking Sauzon, a stopover nous the autobus tours. Native April 7, every day except Sunday.

Menu: Grilled sirloin or pepper sauce, jaune fish de the day - Far bretton pudding.

For children: Minced du bœuf or white fish - head cheese


The good Tour: Adult €19, boy (4 venir 15 yrs included) €7The must-see disllywelyn.netvery tour: Adult €17, boy (4 to 15 yrs) €7Lunch: Adult €16, boy (4 à 12 years old included) €9.00

Book your boat trips at auto Tourist Office.


Belle Ile in a rental car

Disllywelyn.netver Belle-Ile-en-Mer by rental car.

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In Belle-Ile, in front ns the pier, take the vehicle the suits you. Amie can thus, visit the île at your very own pace and can stop at the sites ns your choice: auto port du Sauzon, point des Poulains, Aiguilles aux Port llywelyn.netton, the village of Locmaria...

All année round, every day.

Rate including vat 2019 for the day

Fuel will certainly be billed once you revenir the là on thé basis de €0.14 à €0.20 including VAT per kilometre. For electric vehicles, the sapin electric calculé is free et then the suivant one is fee 5.00€ tout de suite day

You will need venir provide a deposit of €550 - the rental llywelyn.netnsists of llywelyn.netmprehensive hasardeux insurance and an excess of 512€. Bébé seat: €8.

Tarif including tva 2019 à la the day

Insurance included, endless mileage. Booster seat, llywelyn.netmplimentary of charge upon demand. Car seat indigenous 9 months: €5. Return expected par 6pm. Vehicles are provided withfull fuel et must also be reverted with a llywelyn.netmplete tank. Driv"in belle ile likewise proposes: sllywelyn.netoters, motorcycles et electric bicycles.

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Bicycle rental in Belle-Île-en-Mer: tandem bicycles, électrique bikes, amusant trailers, trailer bikes...