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A Study venir Provide safety Efficacy, Safety and Patient report Outcomes les données in participants With active Relapsing Forms du Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in a Pragmatic setup (PRO-MSACTIVE)
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Study prendre note VersionsVersionABSubmitted DateChanges
1July 5, 2018None (earliest version on record)2August 2, 2018 Recruiting">Recruitment Status, study Status and Contacts/Locations
3August 14, 2018Study Status et Contacts/Locations
4September 18, 2018Study Status et Contacts/Locations
5October 23, 2018Study Status and Contacts/Locations
6December 10, 2018Contacts/Locations et Study Status
7January 11, 2019Contacts/Locations and Study Status
8February 18, 2019Contacts/Locations et Study Status
9March 21, 2019Study Status et Contacts/Locations
10May 2, 2019Study Status and Contacts/Locations
11June 7, 2019Study Status and Contacts/Locations
12July 9, 2019Contacts/Locations et Study Status
13August 9, 2019Study Status and Contacts/Locations
14September 18, 2019 Active, not recruiting">Recruitment Status, research Status, Contacts/Locations and Study Design
15December 18, 2019Study Status and Contacts/Locations
16March 23, 2020Study Status
17June 18, 2020Study Status
18September 24, 2020Study Status