Hôpital Américain De Neuilly-Sur-Seine


Starting this Monday, November 22, her Hospital"s henchmen entrance will be relocated à 55 boulevard du Château


All our prestations de service are open up and all appointments et surgical interventions are kept on the day et at thetime scheduled with your doctor. We regret that nous cannot accommodate accompanying persons who space invited venir wait external (with part exceptions).

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Inpatient Visits

Due to thecurrent wellness situation, inpatients visits room authorized under conditions et by appointment. The procedures are explained to each patient upon arrival. We thank you pour your understanding.

Mandatory health and wellness pass: nouveau rules in effect beginning August 9th


France"s top-ranking healthcare institution in terms ns patient satisfaction, auto American Hospital de Paris provides medical, surgical and obstretics services
In addition à medical care, special attention is given to thé quality de the hotel offer offered to patients et their families.


Our 24/7 clinical Surgical tenir ensemble provides emergency care à la acute medical and surgical troubles to patient aged 16 et above, 24 hours a day, 7 job a week.


Under thé responsibility ns Dr. François Tarragano, auto Cardiology Unit de the American Hospital of Paris offers medical et interventional therapy for tous heart-related disorders.

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Established in 1991, auto Check-Up center at auto American Hospital of Paris is a centre entirely devoted venir preventive medicine et screening.

All of our prenatal screening and diagnostic spécialiser are accessible at a single lare to perform thé full spectrum de exams and consultations, including ultrasounds, une day tests, et non-invasive,

The Breast centre directed passant par Dr. Mahasti Saghatchian is a centre of specialization staffed par a multidisciplinary team of specialists. Ce offers each paddy a personalized pathway of soutien which

Our unit, headed de Dr. Philippe Tripon, diagnoses and treats medical-surgical disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

Our beaucoup de médecins specialize in thé prevention, diagnosis et treatment de diseases affecting thé digestive tract et liver using cutting edge endoscopic diagnostic and testing technology.

Our ENT et Head & Neck surgical procedure Department, headed par Dr. Patrick Aïdan, provides treatment pour the complete range du diseases affecting the nose, throat, neck et ears, including thyroid surgery.

The Plastic surgical procedure Unit de the American Hospital de Paris is conditions météorologiques a moyennant with a university hospital facility. Conditions météorologiques specialize in cosmetic et reconstructive surgery, through the exception of thé treatment of

Our unit, headed by Dr. Mithridade Davarpanah provides multidisciplinary treatment involving all specialties in dental medicine et dental surgery.

The doctors in our inner medicine unir specialize in auto diagnosis and treatment of multiple chronic illness (polypathologies) and complex clinical conditions.

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The double identity of our hospital is both a guarantee du excellence and a guarantee of safety for patients. Ce allows ce to it is in not seul certified by the french Haute permis de Santé but also à be accredited by the American Joint commission since 1954.