I"m not taking hold Up out again. I"m taking ce out. The cinématique was released nous November 11, 2020 et was censored nous November 12. I"m seulement trying à release ce normally and put ce on a secure emplacement so the everyone can ont the opportunity to see it in its final version. Thé film, which has probably been seen millions of times on social networks, was a non-final functioning copy sent nous 6 November to toutes les personnes the participants in the film et to auto 5000 subscribers to a crownfunding campaign. Aller I have the ideal to just want à finalise this film, le3 months after the media hysteria that adhered to its release on November 11th and its unsure censorship conditions météorologiques November 12th? We"ve taken auto opportunity to update cette with some new information that we hope will certainly move thé lines.

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Yes, I oui always had actually a deep respect parce que le people. Auto latter, et I can understand them, oui probably not been able à bear the lynchages of this film. Unlike auto 36 différent participants in the film, consisting of 2 Nobel prize winners et 7 professors, not à mention tous the doctors et medical staff.In thé TV industry, I un m probably one de the couple of directors and producers who ressentir his film to tous the participants before broadcasting it, in stimulate to get their approval. That was thé deal. Je respected it.

Nothing. This cinématique was seulement a côté step to try venir make up for the lack of informations on this historic and planetary crisis. Je tried to respond through a très of objectivity. 3 quarters of the information je discovered if making this film.

For example, the existence of a good Reset ns the Davos concis forum, or Jacques Attali"s unbridled militancy for the realisation de a people government, or recently through Krispr Scissors, i m sorry intends à tinker v the man of auto 21st century.

You oui been accused du manipulating corvée Alexandre"s words de taking lock out de contextcontext to make thé midwife cry?

Ask auto midwife if, afterwards, elle felt manipulated. Oui for me, in order à make this film, je watched a few hours of dr Alexandre"s lectures avant putting nous his words. Thé contempt that comes out of it does not come native me. Et I really inviter you venir watch his lectures, especially the une quoted in thé film. Thé transhumanism of Mr. Doctissimo is well-known in high circles. Parce que le me, it was additionally a discovery. Likewise fascinating.

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I wanted venir 1/ rehabilitate thé virus à la what ce is and not for what ce has end up being through human being manipulation. We should need a moratorium on P4 laboratories.

And 2/ je wanted to question mien viewers about the dematerialization ns our societies et the disappearance of espèces through this film, i beg your pardon are fast approaching...

Interview through Pierre Barnérias, director ns Hold-Up + auto expanded et updatedversion of the cinématique Hold-Up.

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Interview de Hippolyte Duchatelet


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