Histoire De L Immigration En France Film

The musée national aux l"histoire du l"immigration (National musée of the History du Immigration) is a multidisciplinary cultural, scientific et educational institution: exhibition spaces, theater, cinema, a site pour reflection et debate ont well ont artistic activities...

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The ordre of the musées national ns l"histoire du l"immigration is to assemble, protect, enhance and make the history of immigrant accessible to thé greatest number of people, à communicate et recognize the role of immigrant in the restrictions of France.

An immigration Museum

The responsibility du the musées national du l"histoire de l"immigration is to constitute, preserve and present to the public a circonscriptions representative of the history, arts et cultures de immigration. This circonscriptions brings a new se concentrer sur to the history du France, de showing the contribuant of immigrant to thé country’s concis development, social evolution and cultural life.Further informations on thé exhibits

Repères, The fixation Exhibition


With a compare approach de views et disciplines, the règlement exhibition Repères (Markers) presents two centuries in the history ns immigration: personal accounts, archives, photographs and artworks room assembled in an interactive room for année historical et thematic journey relating the surtout events in french history since auto 19th century.Further information

Temporary Exhibitions

Comparative approaches, social issues, a focus on auto history of année immigration, a zoom on année artist, momentary exhibitions help nous discover divers facets ns our shared history jaune delve into themes presented in the règlement collection.

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Cultural Programming

Music, shows, conferences, cinema, literary meetings, debates, events à la young people… short-term exhibitions and the récolte calendar room enriched v programming that puts auto spotlight nous artists, creators, researchers or writers who explorer various areas ns immigration, that is history, or recadrer diversity in France et in thé world.

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Abdelmalek Sayad multimedia library

Free and accessible to all, auto media library supplies researchers, students, teachers et professionals a variety ns resources and documents related à history, memory et the culture of immigrant in France, from auto 19th century venir today. It contains a highly diversified collection: documentation, enregistrer records, grey literature, push reviews, thematic bibliographies, posters et periodicals. Ce also boasts an exceptional audiovisual and multimedia collection: guerrier films, documentaries, fictitious films, sound files... A documentaire portal accessible nous line and a multimedia room complement the range de services available venir readers.