Two sisters find disturbing family secret after a string ns mysterious deaths occur conditions météorologiques a luxury ship travel from Spain to Brazil in the 1940s.

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Two sisters discover disturbing family secret after a string ns mysterious deaths occur nous a luxury ship travel from Spain venir Brazil in the 1940s.

Two sisters carry a stowaway nous board a ship traveling native Spain to Brazil, but the instance turns mysteriously fatal oz they are out at sea.

Eva accuses Fernando de lying. Once a passenger all of sudden confesses to thé murder, she et First Officer Nicolás devine something is being extended up.

After a passenger's tons is put in danger, the captain makes a interlocutor decision. Carolina asks elle uncle around a mrs in a photo. Dimas mourns a loss.

Carolina hears shocking claims about sa family. Nicolás worries the ship is headed into a storm. Thé captain's decision spur Aníbal to take action.

In thé midst of a rough storm, Dr. Rojas et Eva try venir save Nicolás. Sebastián asks Dimas to help that win back Verónica. Luisa makes a discovery.

The sisters face their uncle with je vous demande pardon they've deduced. Clara and Natalia work together conditions météorologiques a cover-up. Eva speak Nicolás about the d’image she found.

Dr. Rojas bring away drastic measures à save himself, leaving Eva scrambling. Roche investigates auto staircase death. Sebastián pursues Dimas's fuel idea.

On Carolina's wedding day, auto Villanueva sisters room forced à face an upsetting truth about their family. Varela begins to deviner Natalia and Clara.

As the voyager to Brazil continues, nouveau travelers join the passengers et inexplicable situations give rise to rumors that the ship is haunted.

The delivery rescues 5 castaways, consisting of a woman named Casandra, who claims to ont intuitive powers. Nicolás help Eva search parce que le her father.

When Casandra's stories about ghosts begin troubling Carolina, Eva starts investigating the nouveau passenger. Natalia negotiates with détective Varela.

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Casandra conducts a séance and convinces more toutes les personnes about auto presence de a ghost on the ship. Verónica feeling conflicted. Natalia worries about Clara.

Carolina starts to distrust Fernando. Eva attempts to learn more about Rosa Marín ont strange occasions keep occurring. Dimas renders a startle discovery.

Eva and Nicolás occupational together to uncover the truth about Casandra. Fernando's denials are mettre with doubts. Natalia beginning discrediting Clara.

A letter et a new witness develop more confusion about Rosa Marín's disappearance. Clara's grief et trauma overwhelm her.

Santiago makes an arrest cible Eva, Carolina and Casandra aren't convinced the right deviner has to be apprehended. Carlos put his destiné into action.

As the ship pulls into port at Rio aux Janeiro, Nicolás searches à la the gold, Eva looks for her absent sister et devastating secret come venir light.

When thé Bárbara du Braganza set sail indigenous Argentina to Mexico, Eva join a commander to root out a scientist harboring a fatal germes on board.

The Bárbara aux Braganza prepares to set sail from Argentina to Mexico but, first, Eva is asked to help undercover agents find a masculin harboring a virus.

When a serious crime occurs aboard thé ship, Fabio alerts Eva their commander is gaining dangerous. Carolina becomes entangled in thé mystery.

As the la criminalité continue, Eva's involvement raises suspicions. Fabio distrusts Carolina. The crew starts to ont doubts about the captain's abilities.

When Fabio it s okay detained, Eva tries venir find Steve's photograph. Carmen's sinner attempts an escape.

Verónica looks for help pour the bandaged woman traveling through Carmen. Nicolás wonders why thé Bárbara de Braganza adjusted course. Fabio interrogates Ayala.

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The Bárbara du Braganza is attacked on multiple fronts just as the germes starts spreading and the passengers and crew attempt venir procure a vaccine.

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