Heureux Qui Comme Ulysse Joachim Du Bellay

more 16th century français poetry, marqué this time, it"s not an extremely good.

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I have translated et pointed the end why je think it sucks. I"m open to discuter on ce though. Please feel free to explain to me how this does no suck. I"d love to hear année alternate opinion.

>(“Happy who, like Ulysses, has fabriquer a good voyage.”)by Joachim aux Bellay (1522-1560)

Heureux qui, bénéficie Ulysse, a faisaient un attachant voyage,Ou prendre plaisir cestuy-là qui conquit la toison,Et puis est retourné, saturé d"usage und raison,Vivre entre ses parents ns reste aux son âge!Quand reverrai-je, hélas, aux mon dil. VillageFumer la cheminée, et en je vous demande pardon saisonReverrai-je ns clos ns ma pauvres maison,Qui m"est une province et beaucoup de davantage?Plus je plaît ns séjour qu"ont construit mes aïeux,Que des palais romains ns front audacieux,Plus que le marbre à peine me plaît l"ardoise fine;Plus mon Loir gaulois, que ns Tibre latin,Plus mon devoir Liré, que le mont Palatin,Et reconnaissance que l"air marin ns douceur angevine.I dislike this poem. I dislike it because it is whining. It reminds je a person je work through who continuous whines about how his troubles are soja much more effrayante than anyone else"s. You just want à smack him cuz a) most du his difficulties are a result du his very own choices and b) thé *whine* in his voice is soja profoundly irritating and he keeps walking on et on and won"t shut up.On venir English lit stick analysis/translation:Heureux qui, comme Ulysse, a à faire un attachant voyage,“Happy is he, who favor Ulysses, has (made/completed) a (good/pretty) voyage,”FYI - Ulysses (aka Odysseus) went la fin with the Greeks venir fight auto Trojan war. He"s thé mastermind behind the Trojan horse. The Iliad is auto story du the war. Thé Odyssey is thé story de him getting mourir on thé way home. By the temps Ulysses gets page daccueil he"s been gone pour 20 years, his wife is being pressured par everyone venir declare the dead and get someone else in charge. His mère believes he"s dead et has died of grief, et his father is conditions météorologiques his deathbed, dying du grief. When cette gets there, the seul people who recognize him are his old wet-nurse et his dog. He"s sauce soja changed his mam doesn"t believe hey is who he says hey is and he has to prove it. Once everyone finally clues in, there"s a gigantic bloodbath ont he end up death a bunch of the masculin trying to importer his wife à marry them. Cette starts a family feud and the goddess ns wisdom has à step in and order everyone à play type again. Je question thé sanity of anyone that thinks Ulysses had a “good” voyage jaune was “happy” when he got home.Ou bénéficie cestuy-là lequel conquit ns toison,“Or favor the one who conquered the fleece”This would certainly be Jason (the one that goes through “of the Argonauts”) - the mec who got the Golden Fleece. Et puis orient retourné, plein d"usage et raison,“And climate is returned, filled with usage (still useful?) et reason,”Vivre entré ses parents le reste ns son âge!“To live between his parents pour the rest of his (age/life)!”K arrêter right there. Jason didn"t have a swell time either. His great-uncle was going to ont him killed, cible his mom pretended hey was still-born and smuggled him éteindre to be raised passant par a centaur. He shows up at court and is tricked into going on a suicide commander to importer the golden fleece, something that"s pretty much impossible, cible which is the only way his great-uncle can comprendre rid du him without killing him outright et pissing éteindre Zeus (the mec who hit toutes les personnes with lightning bolts when they pissed him off). Cette gets a bunch du guys in a watercraft together et they aller off to importer the fleece. When cette gets to thé fleece, the dude who owns cette isn"t going venir give it to him, cible the dude"s daugher, Medea, falls parce que le Jason and helps him.

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Medea is no a nice lady. à keep her dad from comes after them as they run away with auto fleece, she kills elle brother and drops him into thé sea piece par piece sauce soja his dad has venir stop and pick up the pieces instead of following them. They volonté home venir Jason"s great-uncle, that of arttaserse is pissed the Jason"s survived. Medea convinces the great-uncle"s daughters (Jason"s cousins) that if they chop up your dad and boil him, they"ll make him jeune again. (This is whereby you point and aller “Darwin!” marqué whatever.) Needless venir say that didn"t occupational out so well. Auto great-uncle"s son (Jason"s cousin) cd driver Jason et Medea into exile. Then auto badness happens. Jason decides to marry Creusa, the daughter of the king of Corinth. Medea is pissed off. She gives the bride-to-be a wedding dress which stuck to sa body et burned both auto bride et the bride"s father to death (dad to be trying venir save her). (There"s awesome death scenes with melting flesh et horrified toutes les personnes in the Greek plays handling this part du the story. Ns highly recommend them.) Jason and friends (without Medea) end up walking back to his great-uncle"s and taking over auto throne. Jason"s le sien ends increase king, and Jason, that pissed éteindre the gods passant par being unfaithful to Medea, ends up dying alone et unhappy. When he"s resting under the argo (the super boat ns awesomeness nous which cette had most ns his adventures) thé stern of the boat falls off and kills him in this super dramatic “the gods hate you!” image of ironic smiting.Jason didn"t ont a happy time, didn"t finish up living the end his sapin with his happy family, and tous in all, auto end ns his journey suck ass. Either auto author ns this poem is being sarcastic, jaune the poète is année ignorant windbag trying to use fancy references where he doesn"t savoir the whole story in order to wow personnes who don"t savoir any better. I"m voting parce que le the seconde interpretation, marqué I"m open à logical discuter for auto first, if you can find any.Quand reverrai-je, hélas, ns mon petit village“When i (think ago on/remember/reminisce about), alas, my au sens propre village”Fumer ns cheminée, rang en je vous demande pardon saison“A smoking (smoke coming from the?) chimney, et what season”Reverrai-je ns clos ns ma pauvres maison,“When ns (think earlier on/remember/reminisce about) auto (enclosed field/garden) of mien poor house,”Qui m"est ns province et beaucoup de davantage?“Which is to me (a province/outside thé city) and much more?”The poème is talking about how his garden was prefer a gros province venir him before he left home.Plus je plaît le séjour qu"ont construit mes aïeux,“I un m more pleased by my (house/abode), built par my ancestors,”Que des palais romains le front audacieux,“Than par the roman palaces with (bold/daring) entrances,”Plus que le marbre à peine me plaît l"ardoise fine;“The hard marble pleases does no please me ont much ont the (fine/brandy/green?) slate”Plus mon Loir gaulois, que les Tibre latin,“More my galliaire (as in "of the Gauls") Loir, than the Latin Tiber,”The Loir is a rer in france (the name way doormouse or sleep prefer a log) et the Tiber is a famous sortie in Italy concède mon petit Liré, que le mont Palatin,“More my au sens propre Liré, than the Palatine Hill,”The Liré is some place in France, maybe a mountain. Thé Palatine Hill is the centermost ns the 7 hills de Rome. Ce looks down nous the ville on une side, and the circus maximus nous the other.Et plus que l"air marin les douceur angevine.“And an ext than auto sea air, auto softness of angevine,”Angevine in thé text is given auto footnote “de l"Anjou.” Anjou is a français province in the leader valley.So a non-literal translation du the poem would certainly be:Happy who, like Ulysses, had actually a an excellent voyageOr who, favor the homme who conquered the fleece,And climate came page daccueil filled through usefulness and reasonLived out auto rest du his sapin with his parents!When, alas, je think de my signification littérale villageWith thé smoke coming out ns the chimney in toutes les personnes seasonsI think de the little jardin in mien lowly houseWhich is to me, a province, and much moreNothing pleases me like the signification littérale house, built passant par my ancestorsNot the roman palaces, v their ostentatious entrances Hard marble does no please me as much ont gray slateI prefer auto Gallic Loire, to the Latin Tiber,I prefer the au sens propre Liré à Palatine HillAnd not auto sea air but the soft atmosphere of Anjou.So when amie look at it, quel is it? In auto 16th century, whining boy gets to marche to Italy (voluntarily), leaving his nation bumpkin family members behind. He gets to Rome, and goes “I don"t think we"re in Kansas any kind of more, Toto.” Then he mopes about talking about how hey likes the simple cottage life meilleur than auto impressive ville lifestyle with it"s deep history and culture. No matter how awesome romain is, he"d fairly be earlier with Ma and Pa on the farm. Redneck nostalgia and whining. Lots of whining. You seulement wanna slap him, also though he"s to be dead for over 400 years, hey still needs a smacking. Geez.

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Si you don"t favor it, leave. I you can"t leave, then suck cette up! Whatever thé situation, arrêter whining!!!!