Henri de Castries joined institut Montaigne in 2015 as Chairman of the Board ns Directors. He is co-chair ns several reports published par Institut Montaigne, including the one conditions météorologiques the émergence role ns cars (2017).

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Henri ns Castries is vice Chairman ns the Board ns Directors at Nestlé S.A. And Senior live independence Director of Stellantis N.V. He is additionally Special Advisor and Chairman for leurope  at normal Atlantic. He is the constitue Chairman et CEO de AXA Group.

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He started his career auditing government agencies at the français Finance Ministry enquêter Office before joining the français Treasury Department, where hey was appointed à oversee étranger exchange markets et balance of payments in 1986.

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He is likewise a board member ns the base Nationale des Sciences politique (Sciences Po) and former chairman de the Bilderberg meeting’s steering committee. 

De Castries holds a bachelor level in Law and is a graduate du HEC Paris ont well as the French intérieur School of administration (ENA).

je vous demande pardon Role pour Cars in Tomorrow’s World?
publication - juin 2017
Today, plans prioritise the fight against pollution over mobility issues, i beg your pardon are vital nonetheless. How can these deux approaches it is in reconciled while maintaining ambitious...
"Europe must No longer Confuse Tolerance with Weakness"
Interview through Henri aux Castries
22 July 2019 | Henri aux Castries
The chairman of académie Montaigne gives Le figaro his thoughts nous the future of a leurope  in thé grip of all uncertainties. Challenged with the great force that govern auto world"s march, thé survival du political freedoms is, in his view, essential à avert chaos.How can nous deal through the new world...
Best Wishes and New purposes From our President
4 January 2018 | Henri ns Castries
In 2017, thanks venir our team and the loyal faire un don of our corporate members, instaurant Montaigne developed itself ont a reference regarding a vast range of policy issues, such ont education, professional training, labor legislations - et these are seulement a couple of examples. Ours report nous the future of Europe,...
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