Photographer du the week is Richard Echasseriau. Hope amie enjoy some ns his great studios images!


This snapshot has taken through a Canon 6D, perfect by année light tree points. This picture was take away in studio et reworked later on with photoshop.I wanted to capture the emotion ns this singer in this interpretation. The comprise was by a student du Lake-up School et Agency, personnes who je collaborate with.

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This photo has taken with one canon 6D completed par light tree points.This photo was bring away in studio, functioned after through photoshop venir create a définitif atmosphere. I often get disparaître from auto cinema.The consist of was by a student du Lake-up School et Agency, people with who I matin collaborating with.

Mister la france 2016 Sélim Arik.

This picture has taken with a Canon 6D perfect by année light tree points. This picture was take away in thé studio, reworked after that with photoshop, à improve skin tone et clothing.I oui worked thé symmetry de reflection to the light nous the glasses and of arttaserse I want to highlight the modèle with année easy light.The consist of was done by director de Lake-up School and Agency, toutes les personnes with I matin doing a frais collaboration.

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About Richard

Born in 1970 in Limoges France. He spent auto most of his childhood between the two régions de the Limousins et Vendée. At twenty cette decided à go and live in Vendée.

He didn’t initially want à become a photographer, cible he was always interested in graphic design and photography.In 2011, cette decided à concentrate totally nous photography. Cette was first published in specialized magazine in 2013.

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 One suite page pour the photo of roche Fairbank, (sport parce que le people with disabilities in ready at la Roche dessus Yon à la olympics games in 2012).The tons cover pour Reflex la peinture in November 2013In 10 peut faire 2014, he turned professional et his snapshot was nous cover thé “journal du pays Yonnais”He operated in reporting through the la communication agency Rellinger, the concorde Mutuelle Group, and in the nouveau year cette started a libération with auto Intalan journal Cameraraw. His last interview was released in thé celebrate magazine, Phototech.