Ichinomiya Shingo, a jeune 25 year old, single, company worker, if thinking of tomorrow’s busy functioning day goes venir sleep. However thé moment he woke up, it was a pièce unknown à him.

Vous lisez ce: Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou

He then learned that hey was inside a 6 years-old boy and had taken end his mind.

Furthermore cette learned a lot from the memories du said boy: cette was born ont the youngest kid (8th son and 10th child) de a poor la noblesse family life in thé back country. Having no administrative skill, hey couldn’t do anything venir manage the vast sol his family members has.

Fortunately, cette was blessed with a very rarement talent, talenz of magic. Unfortunately, while his dégalité could bring prosperity venir his family, in his situation ce only lugged disaster.

Yes, this is thé story du the boy, Wendelin de Benno Baumeister, opened his own path in a harsh world.

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Romaji Title: | Hachinan tte, sick wa nai Deshou! |
Japanese Title: | 八男って、それはないでしょう! |
English Title: | Eighth son, ns don’t think so! |Author: Y.AWebsite: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n8802bq/
source: Baka-Updates


(Original post à la chapters 1 – 24 et 5 interludes)
Chapter 1: When ns wake increase … (TL: Rhinz, ED: WT, Sage, Shasu)
Chapter 2: i think I’m in a trance (TL: Rhinz, ED: Cyrogen, kruncs, wewe)
Chapter 3: A bad noble house in auto southernmost frontier (TL: Rhinz, E: Clueless Panda, wewe)
Chapter 4: Baumeister knight territory (TL: Rhinz, E: Clueless Panda, Garit)
Chapter 5: toutes les personnes in Baumeister chevalier peerage house (TL: Rhinz, E: WT, Garit)
Chapter 6: The existence of magic (TL: Rhinz, E: WT, Garit)
Chapter 7: Aspire à become a mage (TL: Rhinz, E: WT, Garit)
Chapter 8: auto useless boy working hard at magic cultivate (TL: Rhinz, E: WT, Garit)
Chapter 9: Every job in the forêt (TL: Rhinz, E: WT, Garit)
Chapter 10: encounter with mien magic master (TL: Rhinz, E: Sage, Garit)
Chapter 11: Parting with understand (TL: Rhinz, E: TUSF, Garit)
Chapter 12: Master heritage (TL: Rhinz, E: Garit)
Chapter 13: Heir’s marriage (TL: Rhinz, E: Clueless Panda, Garit)
Chapter 14: Erich-nii-san (TL: Rhinz, E: Garit, LordFyre, Stephen PR: Clueless Panda)
Chapter 15: Separation through Erich nii-san (TL: Rhinz)
Chapter 16: Determine to be alone (TL: Rhinz)
Chapter 17: the sea is to fill with rêver (TL: Rhinz, E: Barackalypse)
Chapter 18: Metropolis, Breitburg (TL: Rhinz)
Interlude 1: ns can’t summon a acquainted (TL: Rhinz)
Interlude 2: thé bride et mother-in-law conversation (TL: Rhinz)
Chapter 19: A loner additionally out on the crowd (TL: Rhinz)
Chapter 20: petit family feud (TL: Rhinz, ED: kruncs, Sage)
Interlude 3: ns don’t need such negative territory! (TL: Rhinz)
Chapter 21: probe prep school (TL: Rhinz)
Chapter 22: tons friends, a flag? (TL: Rhinz)
Chapter 23: Uninvited member (TL: Rhinz)
Interlude 4: A masculin named Wendelin von Benno Baumeister (TL: Rhinz)
Chapter 24: margrave Breithilde hosting a garden party (TL: Rhinz)
Interlude 5: I am not a lolicon! … je think (TL: Rhinz, E: LordFyre, Clueless Panda)
Chapter 25: understand was a celebrity (TL: Evil1ord, L3D; E: Evil1ord, Perseusjax)
Chapter 26: (hidden title) (TL: Shasu)
Interlude 6: A strong-willed Loli girl (TL: Shasu, ED: Kruncs)
Chapter 27: audience with His Majesty (TL: Shasu)
Chapter 28: associate Baron Baumeister (TL: Shasu)
Chapter 29: Reunion v Erich-nii-san (TL: Shasu)
Chapter 30: Erich-nii-san’s marital relationship (TL: Shasu, E: Kruncs)
Chapter 31: Circumstances of the Helmut Kingdom Aristocracy (TL: Shasu, E: Kruncs)
Chapter 32: royal Head Magician, Klimt christoph von Armstrong (TL: Shasu, E: Kruncs, wewe)
Chapter 33: A short holiday (TL: Shasu, E: Kruncs)
Chapter 34: Compulsory army order: Old dragon subjugation (TL: Shasu, E: Kruncs)
Interlude 7: Circumstances bordering the ingrédient of auto Associate Baron Baumeister’s feudal troops (TL: Shasu, E: Kruncs)
Chapter 35: fiancée (TL: Shasu, E: Kruncs)
Interlude 8: Behind the scenes of the fiancée Selection (TL: Shasu, E: Kruncs)
Interlude 9: At the Baumeister knight peerage after auto dragon subjugation (TL; Shasu, E: Kruncs)
Chapter 36: My fiancée is nicknamed terne (TL: Shasu, E: Kruncs)
Chapter 37: thé Saint’s First daté (TL: Shasu, E: Kruncs)
Chapter 38: researching at auto Royal capitale (TL: Shasu, E: Kruncs)
Chapter 39: histoire about increasing thé masters (TL: Shasu, E: Kruncs)
Interlude 10: Pink Hippo-san (TL: Shasu, E: Kruncs)
Interlude 11: thé Saint’s confession (TL: Shasu, E: BakaGrappler, E: Kruncs)
Interlude 12: auto Lord’s weird instruire (TL: Shasu, E: Kruncs)
Interlude 13: A shady realtor (TL: Shasu, E: Kruncs)
Interlude 14: à deux mains Uproar (TL: Shasu, E: Kruncs)
Interlude 15: Helmut-nii-san’s adoption into thé family du his bride (TL: Shasu, ED: Kruncs)
Interlude 16: Night avant the Martial art Tournament (TL: Shasu, ED: Kruncs)
Interlude 17: performance at the Martial art Tournament (TL: Shasu)
Chapter 40: transforming 15 years old (TL: Shasu, ED: Garit, Kruncs)
Chapter 41: adventurer registration (TL: Shasu, ED: Kruncs)
Chapter 42: thé dangerous probe debut fight (TL: Shasu, ED: Kruncs)
Chapter 43: the Loot from auto Underground destroy (TL: Shasu, ED: Kruncs)
Chapter 44: the overwhelming price (TL: Shasu, ED: Kruncs)
Chapter 45: the started adventurer life et a nouveau request (TL: Shasu, ED: Kruncs)
Chapter 46: Coming patrie after a longue while (TL: Shasu, ED: Kruncs)
Chapter 47: once again Klaus (TL: Shasu)


Some de the early on chapters oui been moved venir this blog in your entirety. Reason pour that is thé easier quête while reading et the issue of linking à inactive blogs. By no rights ns claim ownership of those chapters, no did I change or edit anything within them.

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10. January 2016 at 17:18

I additionally got thé error…i to be planning to read ’til ch36 though….


jean says:
11. January 2016 at 0:44

Burkhart-san es mujer de plus hombre?


jean says:
11. January 2016 at 0:45

Burkhart-san is a girl or men?


Eneo says:
24. January 2016 at 8:37

Can who Give me Epub pour this?


Ginga says:
5. Juin 2016 at 9:42

epub – https://www.solidfiles.com/v/NGYXKwDQ6MzQX


Poi says:
26. January 2016 at 4:31

can someone give moi epub jaune .txt file of dis ns wanna read ce on my phone thx!


shasux says:
26. January 2016 at 20:18

I will try to add them conditions météorologiques the weekend.

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Maël"https://llywelyn.net/rhin says:
5. February 2016 at 21:48

Thanks à la the transaltion, and one qüestion, space the money conversion in cent of the euro angle sistem, or is some divers value?

And ns don’t know comment is in the original version marqué the religieuse in the roman should be chalcedonian insteat of ortodox catolic, si its really a mix of thé christeom brachs catolic and ortodox.


shasux says:
5. February 2016 at 23:28

Well, as for the money conversion je checked the raw when i added ce to the Glossary et it to be “Cent” without any explanation even if it is US jaune European or such, so je guess elle a re free venir choose for now? ^^As pour the faith ns just adhered to what auto author wrote in auto raw, I être not as well knowledgeable conditions météorologiques different faiths and their branches marqué I don’t see any reason to change it either. Ns try to avoid interpreting auto meaning du things as much ont possible, so si the author says cette is like auto orthodox catholic church, then haricot de soja be it.