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A car accident is a daily performance in California. Our major cities, such as San Francisco and Los -Angeles, are developed with serious highways and streets. According to the California Road Traffic Party, about 3,500 deaths were observed annually in car accidents. First of all, hundreds of thousands of injuries each year due to accidents.

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If you or your relatives are seriously injured by a car accident, you have the right to claim compensation for injuries and damage.

Can you continue to be injured in a car accident caused by others?

Every day, SUVs, trucks, and buses are delivered through the streets and highways in the area of ​​San Francisco Bay. Too often accidents in the engine are the result of recklessness or negligence on a part of a crime conductor:

  • Red light accelerates and works
  • Concentrated drivers include SMS or smartphones while driving
  • The road suddenly changes without searching (the general reason for the accident on a motorbike)
  • The tumor or angle of illegal rotation without signals at the intersection of the motion
  • Look to the left, turn right (the general cause of the cars affecting pedestrians on pedestrians and other pedestrians)
  • A sudden drawing and lack of advantage (a common cause of cars crashing into bicyclists and other types of bicycle accidents)
  • The load is not guaranteed on the microphone, the sale of trucks and other commercial trucks
  • Driving after using stimulants
  • Tired of many hours of work or people who are apnea in a dream.

The most important step in all injuries is to prove the fault of the responsible parties. This is done by proving each of the four careless factors to get an agreement or jury on your behalf.


Duty of Care and Breach of Duty of Care: People who blame your injury should be forced to take the appropriate care in cases. The responsible party should recklessly or intentionally rape the obligations without acting as a reasonable person who will be in the same or similar case.


Establish Causation and Prove the Number of Damages: Evidence shows that the violation of responsible party has been injured and other damage. Evidence of your level of damage to set the maximum compensation.

What are the types of damage causing injuries due to accidents from the sense of others?

According to California law, an accident or accident from the sin of others, public organizations or the company can compensate for compensation for damage:

  • Medical accounts in the past and future, such as surgery and medicine;
  • Car repair or replacement;
  • Physical therapy;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Mental misery;
  • Physical violations;
  • Loss of income/salary in the past and future;
  • Power outages to make money;
  • Damage to the ear;
  • Sanctions caused in grave sin; as
  • Damage to death, when the victim was killed, such as loss of support, livestock and funeral/funeral costs.

Car accident lawyer?

An important experience in the reward of injury after a car accident. An experienced car accident can do the following:

  • Determine the details in the error: Especially, some details may blame the car accident: drivers; Drivers; Automobile manufacturers; State organizations; Or others depending on the situation.
  • The famous law company in car injuries has the experience and resources to participate in a thorough survey to find as much information as possible in your case, and that is to be blamed.
  • Your recovery support: Medical treatment can be difficult with complex injuries that you deserve to be associated with the highest experts to help you recover. Automatic law firms with professional resources and networks can help you treat your need. Lawyers can give you advice on how to contact creditors and can provide financial support to help you overcome this difficult period.
  • Negotiate with insurance companies: Your lawyer will apply and support evidence in the opposing insurance company and will help you receive maximum compensation for injuries. Your product. A car lawyer often goes to an agreement without applying to court. They know the tips and strategies in which insurance companies participate, and how to deal with them with effective legal strategies and enthusiastic support.
  • Evidence of responsibility: A lawyer for a car accident with a qualified work with you to collect evidence to prove all careless factors. The opposite side will do everything that can deal with all the arguments you make. Your lawyer's job is to challenge the aspect of the opposition and protect your rights by establishing legal responsibility for the priority of evidence.
  • Imagine a lawsuit: When there are no results in the rules, your lawyer will prepare all the legal documents needed for submission to a civil court. Your lawyer will help you navigate the legal system to submit the original complaint; work through the opening; Collect additional evidence, And represent you during the test.
  • To make difficult decisions: Civil legal process can be difficult and often lead to a resolution for the trial. Your lawyer will notify you of decisions that need to be approved and when it is suitable to apply the resolution or continue. Your lawyer will answer your question and will be able to advise you on legal issues when he becomes clear in your case.

What should you do after a car accident that causes bodily injury?


Priority your health

Your main goal after an injury is to escape any damage. If you can do it safely, go out of the movement and shoulders.

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Call the Police

Call 911 as soon as you are safe. If others are nearby, ask them to help them and ask them to call 911. If there are injuries that threaten their lives, 911 will notify and ask neighboring people to support them.


Collect information

If there is another part, make sure to take the name, address, phone number, insurance company, and insurance policy for any other side. The better you can collect information, you will move forward to get compensation for any injury. If they drive with wine, the number of license plates and car insurance.


Look around and ask all witnesses. If you have witnesses, ask them about their communication and ask them to declare the police at the scene.


Scene photography

Use your phone or another camera to get pictures of any damage and any related path. Take photos, of traces, scratches, or damage to other goods. Take photos of another car and any other damage you see.



Police/ Incident Report

Talk to the police at the scene or in the hospital as soon as you can. Tell the police what happened, and ask them for a copy of the incident report. If they can't give you a copy at that time, ask them to receive a report that you made and the report number. Receive all information from the respondent, such as the name, badge, and agency or office they work.


Search for medical care

It is important that you are looking for medical treatment for any injury that you need to go through, even if you don't feel injured right after the accident. Traumatic symptoms can take several days and do not seek medical treatment to harm your health and reduce the possibility of being completely compensated for any damage. For you.

When searching for compensation after an accident, the main source of evidence of injury is the storage of medical records, related to experts in the field of health care. Be sure to report any pain, discomfort, stress, anxiety, and other damage to the doctor.


Notify of damage

When you have an accident in California and someone has endured, killed, or damaged more than $ 1,000, you must Notify damage of the accident.


Evidence protection

You have to save everything you can, on your accident and recovery website later. Finding an experienced lawyer on body injuries can help you identify evidence and support you in storage.


How much will I spend to hire a car accident lawyer?

A clash of body injuries after an injury can cause stress and time. Is hiring a lawyer often accompanied by fear of his value and when will you pay them?


The car lawyer is working on backup costs, which means there is no prepaid cost. If you don't get any compensation, you don't pay anything. When they pay for you when you pay your lawyer and the amount you need to be based on a small part you receive. The total number of our agreements depends on the phase of the case, the more backup test is related to the costs related to the test. To better understand the costs related to compensation for body injuries, please contact our company for advice.

How long should I submit a complaint?

The demand for body injuries is related to a number of laws from California, such as two limitations for body injuries. Please note that your potential case is adjusted within a limited period of time (a limited period of time you should start checking). The rules are different depending on the type of case related. Some of these periods may be short up to six months, while other stages can reach two years. We do not have enough information to determine the law applied in your case. You must refer to the civilian process of lawyers, California, Internet resources, and/or access your law library to determine the current limitations of your problem.

Other driving insurance companies ask me to declare; Do I need to talk to them?

No, you don't need to talk to the insurance company on the other side. We recommend that you leave any communication with the insurance company that is opposite your accident.

Insurance companies know how to minimize the amount they pay for car accidents because they are insured. Insurance companies use many lawyers and complaints about defense, who are trying to avoid the maximum possible level, putting pressure on you and extracting information.


One of the most common tactics they use is to have a statement about what comes from the injury so they can try to change the sense of sin for their insurance companies. You have the right to refuse to contact the insurance company of the other party and we recommend that you don't say anything to them, they will try to use it to fight you.

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The insurance company has a legal task for the other side, and you must remember this after a car accident. The insurance management agency may be good and have a good voice, but this does not deny the fact that they try everything that can be minimized by you. If you are interested or insurance issues, you must contact a lawyer about the harmful effects on the body, who have many years of experience in adjusting insurance and learning the games they play. The body of the applicant has legal obligations to combat your rights in the same way as the insurance company is forced to fight for their insurers. Make sure you have someone on your side, you don't need to fight the insurance company alone.

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