Automobile Accident Lawyers - Things You Need To Know


Each year in the United States, more than 6 million road accidents related to cars occur from light wings, with no injury in corpses. A car accident every 14 seconds; And someone dies in a car accident every 12 minutes. The engine accident of the engine is the main cause of death for people from two to 34 years old and about two million people are injured in a car accidents were constantly injured. In fact, car accident is the main cause of defects at the national level.

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Car accident lawyer

A car accident with body injuries and deaths is the most common type of case in an American car accident, which can occupy many deaths per year compared to any tool. Other for any other means, and they have to pay for insurance and individual companies. More than $ 164 billion a year. Even the papers of pregnancy provide hospital costs, loss of use, reduced quality of life, and loss of goods.


Why do you need an experienced injury lawyer?

A car accident is the first compensation for bodily injury in the United States. In most car accidents, the parties immediately notify their insurance companies. Normally, if the victims of the accident are still considered original, these insurance companies begin to survey to determine who is guilty and their responsibilities. Each insurance company has a group of adaptive people, investigators, and lawyers who are willing to be responsible for finding ways to limit the responsibility of the insurance company and minimize the amount paid to the parties to the victim.

In many states, victims of bodily injury can recover damage due to pain and suffering, emotional suffering, disability, constant deformation, mental loss, death, scars, loss, loss of The opportunity to enjoy life, interference in marriage and/or parents' relationships and other common types of damage. Many states also allow you to restore special damage to the Viking and future medical accounts, lose wages, lose income potential, and other expenses for AVTOPIKA. Some states require payment of services for certain advantages after a traffic accident. In general, the Law on Insurance is not blaming the requirements and individual laws on mediocre accidents. Although this advantage often ensures immediate insurance payment to health accounts and losing salaries, many other costs are not insured or only partially guaranteed.

As a rule, if there is injury or damage to the car that exceeds a certain amount of money (as prescribed, 200 US dollars is equal to US $ 500, depending on the state), the parties are related to ears. Car accidents should be presented. A police report in addition to notifications of their insurance companies. Some states also asked the driver to notify the car. If someone is seriously injured or killed, or if one or two drivers are drunk in an accident, the state may continue this person in wine. Among these trials, the Court often determines the amount provided to an accident due to body damage, health account, and goods loss.



Finally, anyone who considers legal requirements from a car accident should know that after the accident has a limited period of time in which the body damage can be shown. The rules are limited by body injuries that vary from one to six years, depending on the state or the court.

Due to the complexity of legal issues related to car accidents and injuries from car accidents, hiring a lawyer specializing in car injuries to investigate, clarify, negotiate and resolve gifts Nai, a car accident is especially important. If you are having a car accident or injury related to an automatic accident, use a practical form on this website to contact compensation.


How a lawyer can help you

An experienced car injury lawyer will tell you that most engine accidents require some inaccurate driving factors, while they are distracted at excessive speed. No control. Law. According to the National Security Ministry Office on the highway, 37,261 people died from a traffic accident in the United States in 2008 (recent data), of which 11,773 people died due to accidents. Drive with shortcomings. Deaths, when they are drunk, represent 32% of the total number of traffic deaths and an accident on an alcoholic, so someone killed in about 45 minutes.

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Most car accidents have participated in at least two cars, one driver or passenger in the first car and the second driver causing an accident due to negligence or dangerous behavior, and maybe is illegal. Sometimes, a car injury requirement will be associated with the driver and passengers of a car with passengers who need to be injured from the driver's actions. Separating a car accident may also be related to responsibility requirements for products for car manufacturers or parts of the car. The basis of these proceeding procedures is confirming that some types of design or production defects have contributed to the victim's accident or level. Requirements can also be proposed against the mechanism or service center, causing the car to be dangerous. In addition, judicial persecution can be offered against government organizations, because they do not design properly or do not support roads, intersections, or traffic control and control panels.

The injuries are observed after the car accident

The number of injuries that you or your loved ones may have a very long car. Even if you follow the next things in your car accident, you can always get compensation. The current types of injuries include, but are not limited to themselves:

  • Neck and back
  • Partially paralyzed / completely
  • Knuts
  • Broken bone
  • Damage to brain injury
  • Burn
  • Green column injury
  • Damaged organs and bleeding
  • Distortion
  • Amputation
  • And even bad death

The victim of a car accident may also face emotional, mental, and financial damage after such a terrible event. Hughes & Mashinski's car accident can guarantee that you will receive a reasonable solution in the form of compensation for material damage, medical costs, and even salary loss.



Alcohol consumption. The National Road Safety Agency reported that alcohol plays a role in nearly 40% of the total number of deaths in the United States. Under the influence of creating a number of physiological issues, it contributes to a complex task, including a slower reaction time. Accidents in drunken snacks often lead to more serious injuries than no accidents.

Ride for fatigue. Most Americans must not rest or sleep enough. Driving with fatigue is a serious problem that creates dangerous conditions for you and neighboring drivers. You not only tend to sleep on the wheel but the reaction time is also slowed down. Driving while tired increases the chance to participate in a traffic accident and will be seriously injured.

Ride without focusing or recklessly. In California, in many car accidents from the fact that drivers simply did not pay attention when he was sitting. The current examples of negligence are changes in the track without viewing, red lights, and does not stop on the stop board. Such behavior can lead to an accident a means of physical damage that cannot be overcome.


Car accident, what should do?

  • Call 911 immediately
  • Ask an ambulance if you are injured
  • If you can, take pictures of material damage and other driver's insurance cards, as well as driving licenses
  • Do not accept payment and not sworn with insurance companies

How does the number of medical accounts from a car accident affect the value of my test?

The value of the victim of the accident is determined by a certain number of variables, including the entire cost of your medical accounts. Some injuries require continuous treatment, which will be included in your total damage.

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How does the judicial measure damage in a car accident due to brain injury?

The severity of the bodily injury is the main factor determining the common damage, both from medical accounts and income losses and quality of life. All this affects the price during remuneration.

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