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The lawyer has experience with a car accident

The federal government of the high-speed highway has collected recent car accidents:

  • Each year more than 6.4 million car accidents in the United States
  • Experts believe that the cost of these car accidents exceeds $ 230 billion.

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  • About 2.9 million Americans were injured each year in car accidents.
  • Nearly 43,000 people die every year after a car accident.

Break means an average of 115 people died every day because of a serious car body. In Jaffe & Erdberg, we understand the complexity that can arise in car accidents in Alabama. Our goal is to ensure that members of the alive family of those who are seriously injured in all compensation they need and deserve.


We understand the insurance requirements

Our team has a lot of experience in insurance management and transactions with insurance management agencies. We understand the problems of negotiations to solve many of our customers and know when to illuminate. Conservative faction does not stand on your side and does everything you can to limit compensation or reject your request. We can even play on the playground and help you get as much money as possible for you to recover with peace of mind.


Fight for compensation after a car accident

Our lawyer from Alabama about an experienced car accident in developing lawsuits and restoring compensation for traumatic accidents caused by other drivers. Potential candidates may know if they have judicial persecution by meeting one of our experienced lawyers in car accidents to get a free initial council. In this meeting, our team can invest carefully in your business and help you determine the best choice for you. According to human needs and circumstances, our lawyer about a car accident in Birmingham is ready to check or agree on large colonies for our customers.


What should I do if you are injured in a car accident?


Contact the police and ask for medical care immediately.

The results of a police survey may be very important. Usually, a police report on the accident may include their personal sin assessments. They can also take photos and collect other evidence that will be helpful to continue your request. If you think you are injured, you should immediately call the police and immediately look for a medical examination. It is important to record your injuries in the early stages and security evidence will protect your legal interests. It can also mean collecting evidence on the website of your accident. If you can take photos of accidents, vehicles, and slides along the road, you have to do this. A mobile phone may be helpful to record an accident when this will happen. If you have witnesses, you will receive their information about communication so you can receive a statement from them, if necessary. If you can't record an accident, try to leave a close friend or family member to visit the scene and take photos immediately. You must also ask a close friend or family member to experience your injury as soon as possible.


Not your fault.

This means preventing the mistake for the police, other drivers, your passengers, any witnesses, or any insurance agent. Do not accept anyone, even if you think you can take part in the accident. Check to make sure everything is in order, but don't apologize.


Not to tell other pilots, sorry, I noticed something like that. Do not say anything that can report your error in an accident. A car accident may be terrible. After an accident, people are often in a high emotional state. In addition, most accidents occur quickly, and from the accident ending in some quick moments, it is often difficult to determine exactly what happened and what is a mistake. Your perception during and after the accident may be incorrect. It is best to wait until you have the opportunity to recover the spirit and emotions before evaluating the error.


Contact the lawyer.

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If you are strong enough to do this, you must immediately request advice from lawyers. It is important to declare briefly to protect your legal interests when you are injured in a car accident.


A car accident lawyer in Texas

More than 13 million drivers were approved and nearly 315,000 miles of public roads in Texas, this is the largest number from all states. And the person who crossed the highway between his states would correspond to the fact that they were one of the most visited people in the country. Unfortunately, Texas was also praised for evaluating the death of traffic in the state.

According to the Ministry of Transport Texas:

  • In 2018, 12,186 serious injuries with 14,937 seriously injured people were received in Texas.
  • Death in traffic accidents in rural Texas is 55.01% of deaths in the state movement. In rural traffic accidents, there are 2 009 deaths.
  • A car, running, the road on the road caused 1291 deaths in 2018. This is 35.35% of the total number of vehicles in 2018.
  • In 2018, 704 people were killed due to an accident at the intersection or related to the intersection
  • In 2018, 249,652 people were injured in traffic accidents.
  • In 2018, 419 motorcyclists (operators and passengers) were killed. Forty percent (49%) of motorcyclists were killed without helmets in an accident.

What to do when an insurance company calls you

When insurance companies are notified of your accident, the representative of your insurance company or insurance company can contact you. Although you want to notify your insurance company as soon as possible, you don't want to talk to the representative of the driving insurance company. An innocent comment may be manipulated to make it similar to an accident that your sin or injury is not important. They can also try to pressure you to quickly sign a less valuable agreement than you really need. It is popular for those who adjust the insurance to deceive the victims of the money they may have the right to receive, and that's why there is a lawyer on your side, who can help you understand the exact tree and How accurate your bridge is. An experienced automatic car accident in California will take into account your current and future medical accounts, the salary lost, and other expenses, so you will get a clear image. For compensation, you need to cover the real cost of your accident. Therefore, we know the companies of tactical insurance companies, so when they call, hang phones and contact us instead. We will help you determine whether this proposal is fair, and we will talk to the insurance company for you. If you have a question about your car accident, we have the answer. Visit our page about the common questions to receive answers to the questions that our customers often ask about car accident requirements or contact us today for the Council.


After a car accident, you may be confused if you need compensation or not. To have the right to suffer, your accident must meet two criteria:

The accident is at least part of the negligence of the other side.

A serious accident makes you a family member or family member.

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Our car accident in California can answer all the questions you have, about negligence and the importance of serious injuries. If your lawyer determines that your accident corresponds to these two criteria, we will immediately start building your request. If your request is related to damage to your car in addition to your injury, we will help you allows your car request for free.

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